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Top7 Feature Elements You Should Look at a Tablet

Supriya Gupta September 20, 2021

The Demand for graphic designers is rising day by day. They have so much work to do that they want to complete rapidly. At that time, the graphic pen tablet becomes their companion and makes the things deliverable before the time.

It is not a mandatory thing to work on tablets if you are more comfortable with pen paper then do that way. But, you should know how to use a tablet to do illustrations, art, and drawing work. Hence, if at some point you have multiple tasks crashing on deadlines you can do it more accurately and efficiently without any problem.

The tablet is available with so many amazing features and accessibility supports all devices and OS. Hence, if you have a Mac PC or Windows PC you don’t have to think about whether you should buy it or not.

Graphic designers have many options at affordable rates that make the buying process a little tough. You just need to determine your needs according to your work responsibilities and the time you invest in your work. How much you can invest in a tablet as it is the same thing that a sales executive frequently asked customers to visit at the Huion store.

Designing on a tablet is the way more fascinating thing you would like to do after purchasing a top-notch quality graphic pen tablet. The best thing is you don’t have to waste paper. The work will be done on time in a clean and smoothen the way

7 Main Features to Know Before Making a Tablet Purchase Deal

Many individuals doubt the essential factors that one should consider when purchasing the best tablet. To make things simple here we are going to unfold the things about prime tablet factors.

You know your requirements, purpose, and workload. We are just trying to help you in this process.

Tablets come in two different categories: display tablets and non-display tablets. You can purchase any of the ones as per your designing needs and comfort.

  • Active Area
  • Stylus
  • Connection
  • Pressure-Sensitivity
  • Scrollers
  • Hotkeys
  • Resolution
  • Active area

Active area means the space you will get to draw or illustrate the designations and creations. Tablets are available in compact or big sizes so you should choose a tablet aligned with your professional needs and comfort level. It is a prime factor that you should not ignore or compromise at the time of purchase.

  • Stylus or digital pen

The stylus is the most important accessory to define the digital pen used to practice illustrations and drawings. It has evolved to 3generstion and the latest is conceptual on battery-less items. Stylus enables smooth, fine, accurate design outcomes. You get comfortable with its functions, touch input as days pass.

  • Connection

Tablet manufacturer companies have launched the tablets with Wireless connectivity and Regular Corder or wired connection. Some users are comfortable with wired graphic tablets as you just need to connect the cables and you are good to go. While some users love to work with Bluetooth or Wireless tablets. 

Wireless tablets are a bit more expensive than regular cord tablets but it gives you immense comfort and relief from too many cables. 

  • Pressure Sensitivity 

The drawing surface should be responsive and touch-sensitive with your comfort and designing skills. For the optimum use of a tablet, you should buy a tablet that comes with at least 1000 PS. You can search in the market nowadays tablets are compatible to deliver 8,192 pressure sensitivity in budget prices.

  • Scrollers

Scrollers are also one of the significant factors that are considered for a faster and smoother experience. To explore the Active area, strollers are essential otherwise, you can’t see things accurately or in detail. Strollers let you move around all the thick and thin lines & elements illustrated in the design.

  • Hotkeys

Hotkey is an interesting name given to define the importance of shortcut keys. It makes you comfortable doing productive tasks with advanced speed. Either the keys are installed and designed on top-panel or inside. These shortcut keys cut down the time by helping you to select quick actions and navigation to apps, screen switch, tools, and brushes selection. The no. of shortcut keys is distinct for different models and brands of tablets.

  • Resolution

Resolution is also the prime factor for clear graphic images and designing work. As you are a professional graphic designer, the image quality should be crystal-clear, high resolution, vivid and sharp. To produce quality graphic designing work you should ask the Huion pen tablet store dealer for the premium quality high-performance tablet models and have a great deal.

Beginner or professional can go with the following models:

  • Kamvas pro 24
  • Kamvas 22 Plus
  • Huion RTS 300

All 7 factors will help you to grab an affordable, stunning Huion product deal. Go and explore your designing world with these gadgets!

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