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Traditional Marketing Services VS Digital Marketing Services: Which generate better ROI?

Digimactech January 4, 2021

Millions of debates happening on this topic, but which one is better for our Return on Investment, what is the major difference between Traditional and digital marketing, and As per data why peoples are searching for digital marketing services near me on the search engines. In this, we are going to all these topics broadly and clear all the doubts regarding traditional and digital marketing. In this, we discussed all benefits and disadvantages, which help you to choose a marketing strategy according to your marketing budget.

In simple words: Traditional marketing is marketing which is done through traditional media like newspaper, television, and media, magazines, etc. While on the other side digital marketing is marketing that is done through different internet platforms like websites, entertainment platforms, search engines, social media, etc. Every business owner wants to spend their marketing budget on the best way from where they can generate a good return on investment and many entrepreneurs are still confused whether they prefer traditional marketing or digital marketing.

After digitalization arrives all over the world, human beings are now used for smartphones and digital devices and getting whatever they want with a single click without any inconvenience. And many of the entrepreneurs are now shifted their budget in online marketing.


Traditional marketing Pros and Cons


1- Very easy to understand

Not every generation used the internet and smartphones. Our older generation still prefers television and newspaper for their daily entertainment purposes. Television and traditional media are still very easy to understand for them, this is the reason why some of the business owners still prefer traditional marketing.

2- Multiple Times Repeat

We all know Television and Radio commercial is made to remind the audience by repeating and playing the same advertisement different times. But in digital marketing, there is the option to skip ads or blocked them.


1- Expensive

Making posters, television advertisements, and advertisements through newspapers are very expensive as compare to digital marketing. If your marketing budget is too small so you have to go with online marketing.

Digital Marketing Pros and Cons


1- Gives to different platforms

Digital marketing is marketing through the internet and the internet provides you different platforms for promotion and marketing of your product and services like social media, websites, search engines, and YouTube. So you can easily promote your brand and services by using a suitable and affordable medium. That is the way many of the startups start searching for digital marketing services near me on Google.

2- Narrow Targeting option

There are many platforms like Google Ads which offer you a narrow targeting option by which you can target your audience on the basis of their age, gender, marital status, interest, and many more. So if you want to target any specific community, through online marketing you can easily target.


1- Easily Ignored

If you use the internet on the daily basis, then you know this very well many of the sponsored ads are ignored by you also like Facebook ads, Instagram sponsored ads, and google ads on the search engine. So this marketing technique is less permanent as compared to traditional marketing.

2- Technical Team needed

Online marketing includes many platforms like SEO and SEM which needed a good team if you’re not an expert on these techniques so you have to hire teams and services for them. Like in big cities like Noida, Mumbai, and Delhi, many of the business owners are looking for SEO services in Noida and Delhi.

So these are the advantages and disadvantages of traditional and digital marketing. Now you have to choose which one is better for your business as per the marketing budget.



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