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Tree Pruning and All You Must Know About It!

kiarawaylen January 3, 2022

For your trees to have a long life in the garden, you need the right tree care. A particularly important part of tree care is regular tree pruning. With pruning, you can not only create creative shapes; the pruning can also affect the yield.

It depends on the type of tree, how often a cut is necessary. In the case of fruit trees, only the water drives need to be removed in the first few years. When the tree is four to five years old, the fruitwood should also be rejuvenated. So, when you design your front yard, use the different garden styles or deal with the costs of building a terrace, you should also consider the right tree care.

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

The Right way for Tree Pruning

Pruning trees at regular intervals is extremely important, as this is the only way the tree can be better supplied with oxygen and light. You can also use it to prevent possible fungal attack. You can also use tree pruning to regulate the growth of your tree. Before you start tree pruning, there are a few things to consider.

  • The right time to cut a tree depends, among other things, on the type of tree and the growth behaviour of the tree. Cutting is done once a year. Most trees are cut in frost-free winter or early spring.
  • Trees drifting early should be pruned as soon as autumn after the leaves have dropped, so as not to miss the right moment in spring.
  • Strongly sprouting, but low-fruity varieties are an exception: pastures, for example, should be cut in summer.
  • Basically, one-third of the shoot should be cut away, and half is necessary for fruit trees.

Protect the Tree from Frost

Do not underestimate the cold in winter. The floor in your family home may be covered with frost-proof tiles, but what do you do with trees when it gets freezing? Even in the cold season, your trees are attacked – the change between the different temperatures have a strong influence on your tree. The tissue tightens. Older trees, in particular, have the problem that their bark tears more quickly, and this means that they are no longer able to stretch properly.

What you can do: You can prevent this by treating these frost cracks in your tree with a simple coat of lime broth. Alternatively, you can also use a straw mat or a wooden board, which should be on the sunny side.

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

Check Periodically

In addition to the factors listed, regular checks for proper tree care also count apart from regular tree pruning. No tree or plant guarantees 100% protection against diseases and pests. You should take different measures into account:

  • mechanical options (e.g. additional trimming or removal of infested fruit)
  • chemical options (e.g. insecticides)
  1. Chestnuts, for example, are particularly endangered by the leaf miner. The web moth mostly affects the fruit trees.
  2. The downy mildew (fungus) mainly affects ornamental trees.
  3. The firebug threatens linden and Robinia trees.

Note that you check the roots regularly because different animals such as voles can make themselves comfortable here. The soil should also always be firmly treaded.


Ask the tree pruning experts!

With sensible tree care like regular tree pruning or periodical checks, you primarily take care of the health of your tree or your plants. Do you even think about pruning down a tree in your garden? First, ask a professional gardener if this is necessary. Professionals can give more precise professional information about the state of health and maybe protect one beautiful part of your garden.

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