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Trending Interior Designs this 2017

Dominique May 25, 2017

Trending interior designs this 2017 is not hard to find because hotels near BGC is more than willing to show you what those interior designs are. Hotels near BGC do not just offer the best price rates and high-class service. They also excel in exhibiting inspirational interior designs that are popular yearly.

Many people always look out for new interior designs yearly since these designs are the sources for inspiration on home remodeling or home constructions. If you are one of those people, then you came in the right place. Below are some trending interior designs for 2017.

Here are some stylish interior design colors for 2017:

  1. Neutrals are the timeless classy. F1 Hotel Manila’s lobbies and doors feature neutral colors of white and black. Colors that always remain in the popular interior design colors list of each year.
  2. Browns and woody colors are one the most popular colors this year. These colors’ popularity is primarily because of wood designs on walls and some furniture. Wooden room accessories are always well-liked. Since the color brown goes well with them, brown pillow cases or sofa are usually chosen for interior accessories to complement the wooden furniture added. Shangri-La at the Fort Manila is one of BGC’s hotels that accommodates the color of brown dearly.
  3. Grays and dark blues are now the colors of marble floors, tables, and kitchen sinks. The year 2017 opened up with people loving the dark colors. Seda Bonifacio Global City feature gray and dark blue floors. These colors do not only give the floors a sleek and clean look, but they also allow the illusion of having wider floors.
  4. Blue and Velvet are the ceramic colors of 2017. Not only ceramics but also homeware items. Blue and velvet sofas cushions and mats are popular this year. They are the royal colors of the year.

Here are some popular interior design materials:

  1. Nature is the best accessories. For the year 2017, many people will display natural materials starting from wooden furniture, tables, and kitchen sinks. Potted green indoor plants are also good as accessories. These natural materials will counterbalance all the synthetic materials such as marbles, and plexiglasses. Shangri-La at the Fort of Manila has these natural materials in their hotel.
  2. Tactile surfaces are both useful and trendy interior design hacks. All three hotels near BGC are using tactile surfaces in every corner of their place. These surfaces are useful not only outdoors but indoors as well to provide friction on necessary areas that need caution. It also looks good, that is why it is usually used for both design and precautionary measures near the stairs and floor edges.

Here are some stylish interior room designs for this year:

  1. LEDs are the new best friends. Wallcoverings featuring LEDs are so far the most creative and attractive trend for 2017. Watch them glow day and night in your rooms. You may play with these LEDs. You may create light-shifting luminaires. Tactile LED wallcoverings are also very doable.
  2. The old are once again the new. The 2017 trend strongly features the design styles from the early 60s and 70s. Many design exhibitions from all over the world feature room furniture designs with the retro vibes of the mid-century era.
  3. The popular Boho vibe of the year 2016 is still popular in 2017. Rooms with lively and hippie wall covers, table, chair, and curtain designs are slowly making into people’s most favorite interior designs of the year.

Hotels near BGC apply all the trendy interior designs stated above, except the Boho vibe styles. If you are looking for interior design inspirations, you can go and check these hotels out!

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