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Trends to Look Out for in 2016: Learning Management Systems

Rohit Bhargava October 26, 2016

The learning management system (LMS) enterprise is growing by leaps and bounds. At the beginning of 2016, reports concluded that the LMS market would garner over $51 billion this year, and that over 75% of international organizations were already using an eLearning system. What interests many is the direction in which eLearning seems to be traveling—there are certain trends gaining, alongside mainstream media attention and rising popularity. Read on to discover which eLearning trends will be popular throughout 2016.

Video-Based Learning

Video learning in the classroom is a staple in most education systems. With instructional videos, documentaries, and demonstrations taking precedence, students love to learn through visual media. In fact, most adults currently spend up to five hours each day in front of a screen, so incorporating something people already find captivating in an educational setting is a wise decision. Video-based training, whether used with eLearning or in a classroom environment, is so popular that approximately 98% of organizations around the world incorporate video training in their training strategies.


With a recent Docebo survey revealing that 72% of people were already interested in introducing the elements and mechanics of game design into their learning environment, it will be no surprise if this number will continue to increase.

LMS developers may be taking a page out of the gaming industry by adding challenges, rewards, and head-to-head competitions within their learning systems. It’s already been proven that adding gamification into your LMS increases engagement and progress with reward based incentives. Now, it’s time to take learning management systems to meet this standard.

Responsive LMS

Given that there are many types of mobile devices, an LMS needs to be accessible and easy to use across every digital platform. Ideally, a responsive LMS will be able to adjust its functionality to any system, screen size, and resolution in order to allow everyone to have the same learning experience. Not all systems include this feature, so find an LMS with a free trial preview to explore its adjustable functions.

User-Generated Content

People today are more interested in interacting with their peers. They want to know what they’re colleagues are doing, how they’re improving, and where they’re succeeding. To facilitate easy interaction and allow learners to share content that they feel is relevant, adding a user-generated content feature into learning management systems has become more prevalent. Now, learners can create surveys, documents, videos, and tests to share with their coworkers.

Competency-Based Training

Everyone involved in the eLearning world is enthusiastic about competency-based training. This method of training helps employees earn promotions and raises more quickly, as it allows for self-assessment, informs the learner of career goals and skills sets they need to reach, and engages them in personal development. When an employee knows how to meet company goals and expand their responsibilities within an organization, they increase their value to employers and prove their merit.

A Growing Community

Though eLearning has been around for many years, it has only recently reached an exciting level of potential. Continual development is prevalent and new features are constantly being created and expanded. Stay up to date with the newest eLearning features and ensure an engaging learning environment in your office or school environment.

Author Bio:
Rohit Bhargava is a digital marketer and SEO specialist at Coalition Technologies in Los Angeles, California. With over five years of experience in website audits, social media, and search engine optimizations, he has provided many innovative solutions to clients all around the world. During his free time, he enjoys reading novels, writing, and spending time with his family. Connect with Rohit on Google+ and Facebook.


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