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Two Most Beautiful Cities In The World: Jerusalem And Venice

artlevin August 30, 2021

Jerusalem has been a topic of interest for many artists. A lot of artists get fascinated by the city and make paintings on it. Jerusalem is known to be an ancient city in the world. Jerusalem pictures look so beautiful that a lot of artists who have not visited the city make paintings through those pictures. Here the artist we are talking about says that he never thought that Jerusalem would become his topic of interest 30 years back. He has made so many paintings of Jerusalem as he was very impressed with the life of Jews.

Jerusalem and Jewish Paintings

The artist believes that Jerusalem is a holy city and through his paintings, he has tried to reveal the character of this city. He believes that Jerusalem is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and he has shown the places where the Jews pray and go for holidays through his paintings.

The favorite topic of the artist is the Tower of David in Jerusalem. A lot of his paintings show the old walls of the city and the Tower of David. The artist says that Jerusalem is like heaven on earth, and he has tried to capture the beauty of this city through his paintings. He wants people to know more about this city and the life of the Jews.

Now that we are talking about paintings, we cannot miss Venice. It is a breathtaking city and looks even more beautiful during the rainy season. A lot of paintings have been made about Venice during rains. One very famous series is the rainy day painting. These are the paintings based on the music of different composers and one painting completes the other.

Venice modern painting

Rain and Venice

Venice looks breath-taking during the rain and the artist wanted to capture its beauty during the rainy season. The paintings show that people can feel mixed emotions at a time. The artist has tried his best to capture the beauty of the city in his paintings. So many people visit Venice during rains to see its beauty through their eyes.

The city looks really beautiful and colorful. The sky also looks amazing during rains. When you look at these paintings, you will feel as if you are in Venice enjoying the colorful rain. The artist wanted to capture each and every detail of the city through his paintings. It is a city which looks beautiful all the time, but it is different during rains.

It is something special during the rainy season. The rains make the sky really colorful during the day and the sky looks pretty at night with stars shining.


If you want to experience how Venice looks without even going there, you can definitely check out these paintings. Everyone should visit this city once in their lifetime. The artist wanted everyone to see the beauty of this city whether the person can visit the city or not. This is the reason he has tried to capture every small detail in the painting. One should definitely check the paintings out.

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