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Types of trucks available in Indian Market – Complete Information

devendrasingh April 30, 2021

Trucks are one of the most powerful and strongest commercial vehicles in existence. They are specifically designed for the purpose of moving the heavy loads from one place to another. For instance, they are used for the transportation of livestock, machinery and other goods. Moreover, trucks are made to transport entire hauls of hard drives because they are a much faster way of transportation. Other than this, there are different types of trucks made to fulfil different needs. 

You obviously heard about the pickup and trailer trucks as the body type of trucks. But do you know, the car transporter and cement mixer are also the types of trucks? Yes, that’s true. Similarly, there are many other types of trucks that we will discuss in today’s blog. So, stay tuned to this blog as we came up with 7 different types of trucks for different use cases. So without any delay, let’s start this blog.

Types of Trucks For Commercial Use

Following are the 7 different types of trucks for commercial uses available in India

  • Pickup Trucks 

Pickup trucks are light-duty trucks that have an enclosed cabin and rear cargo area. Pickups have lighter chassis and are factory-built. They are essentially the trucks with a different edge and open part at the back. With their compact design, they offer you the best overall experience compared to any other vehicle. For instance, Ashok Leyland pickup trucks are the best in the Indian market. Ashok Leyland truck price in India is very appropriate for commercial uses.  

  • Refrigerated Trucks

Refrigerated trucks are mainly used for the transportation of goods such as vegetables, fruits or agricultural produce. The 18 wheeler giant trucks are the most common type of refrigerated trucks. These trucks have the ability to sustain the low temperature to make the inner cargo cabin chilled, which makes them suitable for several goods transportation. In the Indian market, transporters mostly believe in these trucks for the transportation of perishable goods.

  • Semi-Trailer Trucks

A majority of cargoes are transported in semi-trailer trucks. These trucks are among the most popular types of trucks used in the logistics market, which is very much standard on the roads. One can load a semi-trailer truck by removing its tent cover. These truck tent covers are removed from the top or from the side or through its backside. In general, they have a maximum capacity of 24,000 KG, which makes them ideal for goods that can be stacked.

  • Jumbo Trailer Trucks

Same as semi-trailer trucks, these trucks can easily carry a maximum of 24,000 KG weight. In some cases, they have even more capacity as they come with a lesser wheelbase and a G-shaped floor. These types of trucks’ have higher working efficiency, which makes them very preferable for the transporter. Jumbo trailer trucks are ideal for the transportation of heavy goods, as they are lightweight and spacious. Like the semi-trailer truck, you can load from the top, sides and the back.

  • Cement Mixer

A cement mixer or concrete mixer is the type of truck that is hooked up with a concrete mixer at the back. The revolving machinery at the back mixes the cement and water to make concrete and then pours it into the designated places. The back-mounted machinery allows the cement to maintain its liquid state for a very long time at constant motion. This gives the cement a longer-lasting quality and longer use period. The prepared mixture of cement is usually discharged from the rear side.  

  • Tipper Trucks

Tipper trucks or dump trucks are used for the transportation of loose material such as sand, gravel and more. They are usually seen near the construction sites, major building projects where there is a need to transport raw material. They are equipped with an open-box bed hinged at the rear end so that they can be tipped upwards and unload the material more efficiently.  

  • Trailer Trucks

The word trailer is referred to a freight trailer supported by the front and rear axles pulled by a drawer. These trucks are nearly two and a half meters in width and almost 35 – 40 feet in length. The trailer trucks are used to move heavy supplies for a long distance. For instance, they are used for carrying furniture, other vehicles and huge shipment of raw material. 

So these are the most popular truck types used for different purposes. The above-listed truck types are primarily used trucks in the transport and logistic market in India. Trucks make the transportation business even more profitable in India. 

This blog gives you detailed information about the major types of truck. We hope you get enough information about the most popular types of trucks used in transportation worldwide. For more information about trucks and the latest truck price, stay tuned with us.

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