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ryannesham407 September 8, 2021

Perhaps one of your primary objectives should be the security of your company. It’s one of the most crucial choices you’ll ever make. You must determine if your company needs unarmed or armed security personnel. Armed Security California can provide a sense of security to both business owners and customers. They’re also an effective deterrent to offenders who would otherwise be more likely to conduct crimes.

Most security agencies in California include armed and unarmed security officers who’ve already completed state-required training as well as further mandatory training in Southern California, including Los Angeles and San Bernardino. All security guards in Southern California recognize that their primary goal is to deter crime and defend their clients’ interests as much as possible. Their armed security guards are the most former squad figures with over a decade of security expertise. Armed guards can be a valuable asset to your company regarding crime deterrence that is both cost-effective and vigilant. Their unarmed security guards are carefully chosen to match the clients’ needs and organizational characteristics. A supervisor personally teaches every location’s guards to ensure they are fully aware of their roles and responsibilities.

If you’re searching to hire armed or unarmed security guards in California and the nearby locations, such as Los Angeles and San Bernardino, give these companies a call. For whatever of your security needs, they provide highly-trained armed agents.

You might be thinking about which form of the security team is best for your company if you’re thinking about hiring someone to defend it. Continue reading for more information that will assist you in making your decision.

Unarmed vs. Armed Security Guards: What’s the Difference?

Armed security relates to one or more weapons-trained defense specialists who you can hire to protect you, your family, your team, and your property. Consider the uniformed personnel who monitor the local bank, keeping a watchful eye on the ins and outs. It’s not always easy to conceal your home’s value, and you really shouldn’t. They’ve gone through extensive training to be ready for the responsibilities of their job. Businesses having a higher risk of crime, such as banks, major hospitals, technical firms, and courthouses, hire these guards.

On the other hand, an unarmed security specialist is responsible for keeping your building, personnel, or assets secure while not being able to carry a weapon. Other non-lethal weapons, including a baton or pepper spray, may be carried for protection. They may be armed with a taser in some situations. Unarmed security guards are typically hired for tasks where the actual threat is minor, like video surveillance, retail outlet monitoring, and school security.

Picking the Exact Type of Security

Which sort of security is most suited to your requirements? The last thing you need to do is consider hiring an armed security California guard and accidentally chase away customers. You should also ensure that unarmed guards provide adequate protection and dissuasion against criminals in your specific situation. Both types of security personnel can protect you, but certain conditions and times necessitate using one over the other. When deciding between armed and unarmed security agents, you must first determine the most beneficial to your needs.

When to Use Armed Security Services

To see if armed security services are suitable for you, ask yourself these questions.

  • Do you live in an area where there is a lot of violence? If so, an armed guard would be a better option. 
  • Do you offer valuables for sale? If you sell products that are attractive to criminals, you may prefer an armed security guard.
  • Is your company located on private property? Certain public spaces, like malls, will not allow you to have armed guards even within your shop.
  • Will your guard, be visible to the client? You might be concerned about deterring customers rather than criminals. Are you able to conceal your armed security guards?
  • Is your goal deterrence? Armed security guards may be the solution to keeping you, your family, your workers, or your customers secure.

When to Use Unarmed Security Services

Although armed security guards provide a high deterrent level, unarmed security guards are sometimes the best option. Consider the following questions.

  • What is your financial plan? Armed security guards can be costly.
  •  Is there a police presence nearby? If so, unarmed guards may be able to provide the protection you want at a lower cost. They can notify local police at any time. They may be sufficient for your needs if police can respond swiftly to a call.
  • What will your customers think of you? Armed guards may make your regular clients feel uneasy. Unarmed security personnel can safeguard your clients while also putting them at rest.
  • Do you think you’re at a low or high risk? Unarmed guards may be a better alternative if you or your business is in a safer region.
  • What’s the extent of your insurance coverage? Because of the increased danger associated with guns, several insurance policies don’t allow armed guards. Insurance plans, on the other hand, frequently allow unarmed guards.

Making the Best Decision

You’ll be ready to choose which security company best meets your needs once you’ve considered your business type, location, and budget.

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