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Understanding more about tantalised wood

kurarayeu September 29, 2020

The sort of wood is handled with chemicals in a different way to pressure-treated wood.

The chemicals are more resilient to moisture (polyvinyl alcohol pva manufacturers) and insects that attack and rot the wood.

This type of treated wood has got a pale green color which can blend in effectively for garden work providing an overall satisfying finish.

I’d highly recommend utilizing this wood, from my experience as a real estate agent, it adds longevity and consequently is more pleasing to the eye.

By use of this material offers you many years of trouble-free fencing, once installed you may be the envy of your neighbours.

It is more expensive than conventional pressure-treated wood.

You may be thinking of chemicals in wooden fencing, and law enforcement stipulates that any treated wood must pass specific regulations.

A long time ago, chemicals in wood were harmful to the environmental chemicals such as arsenic were used to reserve precious the wood, you can rest assured that that CE approved items are now used.

Tanalized wood is incredibly safe to use as part of your garden environment, and it will give you many years of trouble-free fencing and help to stay clear of rot.

For me, it is the best possible of cloth to work with for fencing. All fencing should be treated with wood preservative at least every 18 months and should be coated liberally along with a top-quality preservative preferably oil-based which will help any moisture seeping directly into wood and causing rot.

If treated regularly fencing work will last for several years, but you need to treat them every 18 months.

Introducing Modal

Modal Fibre falls under the classification of Rayon. Unlike Lyocell Rayon, that’s created from wood chip cellulose typically from several hardwoods; Modal Rayon is produced only from wood chip cellulose from the Beech Tree. Cellulose happens to be the natural cell fibers in all vegetation. In keeping with earth-friendly, wood pulp cellulose is collected from renewable Beech Trees. As it is cellulosic, it is fully biodegradable and hence considered an environmentally friendly material.

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