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“Uninsulated Attic”- the reason for your high utility bills

alinabeths January 25, 2021

Colder places like Oakville and Brampton require your heating device’s continuous running to provide you warmth. But do you know, heat generated gets lost from your home at a much faster rate than your device generates it? As a result, your house gets cold, and your device is run extra; hence you need to pay extra cost on your utility bill to keep yourself warm.

But what will be your reaction if you get to know that you can significantly reduce your electricity bill with just a simple process? You will be happy, right, but you should know why heat is getting lost from your house.

Many people do not focus on their uninsulated attic and garage, which are the prime reason that heat flows out of your house. The attic has pores, cavities, crevices in walls, which let the warm air inside your house flow out, and hence your heater takes a long time to heat your home.

Hence taking the help of professionals to get attic insulation and garage insulation in your home will help you reduce the high utility bills.

However, attic and garage spaces are extra spaces in your house, and you should not limit them to storage only. If properly insulated and maintained, you can use your attic and garage as liveable spaces in your home.

Best type of Attic and Garage insulation in Oakville and Brampton?

Spray foam insulation is very popular in Oakville and Brampton for attic and garage insulation. The reason is straightforward; foam expands after spraying quickly, seals all the crevices and cracks in the walls very quickly. This makes it superior to other insulating material as it creates a thermal barrier to reduce the flow of air in and out of your attic and garage; it also blocks the onset of moisture by blocking those crevices. Thus there will be no growth of molds and spores in your attic and garage.

You should note that spray foaming insulation is expensive compared to other techniques, but it is worth spending upon if you want rebates in your utility bills in the long run. Spray foam insulation has the highest R-value and is known to last longer than any other insulation technique offered by your company.

Hire a professional to carry out Attic and Garage Insulation in Oakville, Brampton.

Randomly hiring anyone to carry out your attic and garage insulation in Oakville, Brampton etc., might cost you less, but the quality of work you will be getting is not acceptable, and the insulation might not last long. Hence, you should hire a professional to carry out the insulation task if you don’t want to get the insulation done every year.

The spray foaming technique is not simple. It needs to be controlled wisely, or else the foaming will be of low quality, especially at corners of the wall, if done by a novice. You will not get the complete protection from thermal loss, moisture, and mold growth.

Professional insulation experts guide you while choosing the best material for your attic and garage insulation in Oakville and Brampton. The insulating material you choose should have a high R-value. R-value of any material tells you the heat resistance capacity of that material, so the higher the R-value higher will be the heat-retaining capacity of insulated material.

Steps followed in Attic and Garage Insulation.

Any professional company for attic and garage insulation in Oakville and Brampton starts with inspecting your attic and garage spaces. Once the inspection is done, the insulation experts tell you what R-value insulating material will be best for your attic or garage. He then tells you to complete the insulation project’s pricing. Once you agree on pricing, a team of professionals arrives at your house and starts cleaning your attic and disposing of the old insulation, if any, in your attic or garage. With the help of advanced technology, spray foam is then sprayed on your storage spaces’ walls. After the insulation is done, the team then starts cleaning your home to turn it into the one like it was before the start of work. You should also ensure that the company’s professional remains with you during the entire insulation process to answer any queries you have in your mind.

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