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Unlocking QBX File Without QuickBooks: Step-by-Step Guide

masonolivia May 15, 2023

.qbx is an expansion for the QuickBooks bookkeeper file. QBX file otherwise called the QuickBooks bookkeeper file is utilized when a client sends his QuickBooks company file to his bookkeeper for bookkeeping changes. In this article, we will discuss how to open qbx file without QuickBooks. This implies opening the .qbx file in an alternate application other than QuickBooks. Applications that can show data like MS Excel, sheets, and so on

Different QuickBooks File Extensions

There are different file extensions like .qbx for the QuickBooks company file. They are as displayed underneath:-

  • QBX File – Bookkeepers Copy File
  • QBW File – QuickBooks Company File
  • QBB File – Backup of QuickBooks Company File
  • QBM File – QuickBooks Versatile File

Moves toward Open QBX file without QuickBooks

Presently you really want to play out these means to open a .qbx file without QuickBooks.

Stage 1: Convert the .qbx file into a QuickBooks company file (.qbw)

  • Find the .qbx file in your work area
  • Open the file in QuickBooks
  • Explore the File choice
  • Decide to Send the Company File
  • Starting from the drop, select Bookkeeper’s Copy
  • Click on Convert Bookkeeper’s Copy to Company File/QBW
  • Select alright
  • Select where you wish to save your company file (.QBW file)
  • Click on Save and pick alright

Stage 2: Product the .qbw file to Excel

Presently this is the way you can open a .qbb file without QuickBooks. You should have the most recent adaptation of the MS Office suite introduced on your PC.

  • Find the .qbw file in your PC that you converted from the .qbx file
  • Right-click on it and snap on open
  • Login to QuickBooks and put your username and secret word
  • Explore to Client Center on the top menu
  • Click on the Excel Choice
  • Presently select Product Excel
  • Pick the file place where you wish to save the Excel file

Stage 3: Import the .qbw file into Excel

  • Go to programs
  • Find MS Excel
  • Open Excel
  • Click on the File choice
  • Pick Import starting from the drop
  • Click on the information choice
  • Select from different sources
  • Find the .qbw file
  • In the wake of choosing, click on convert
  • Adhere to on-screen directions and you will be ready to open the .qbw file without QuickBooks in MS Excel

QuickBooks Work Area Chief and QuickBooks Venture for Bookkeeper adaptations is the main renditions that have the element to convert the .qbx file to the customary QuickBooks file.

Assuming you neglect to open the .qbx file without QuickBooks – Contact Desktop Experts

On the off chance that the above-gave steps don’t exactly measure up for your benefit. In the event that you can’t open a .qbx file without QuickBooks, contact QuickBooks work area specialists by doing a live talk or booking an appointment anytime.

How to convert the QBB file to QBW?

Sign in as an admin to the company file you need to import. Go to Company, then select Export Company File to QuickBooks Online. Select Start your export.

What can I use to open a QBB file?

Here are the steps:
Click the “Download” button to download the Recovery Toolbox for QuickBooks software.
Click the “Open” button to select the QBB file you want to open.
Click the “Recover” button to start the recovery process.

How do I open a QuickBooks backup file in Excel?

Go to the Start menu on your desktop. Choose QuickBooks after clicking Intuit from the All Programs option. Select Open from the drop-down menu after clicking right on the QBW file you want to open. Select the Excel option on top of your monitor.

Can I view a QuickBooks file without QuickBooks?

A data file contains important information in the form of different file extensions, qbw is one of them. Opening a .qbw extension file without using QuickBooks can be a time saver for users and they can access data files from anywhere.

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