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Upholstery Cleaning – How to Deep Clean Your Sofa?

halesjoe24 August 23, 2021

Do you remember when you last cleaned your upholstery? Like most homeowners, you may not remember when to clean up. The important task of Sofa Cleaning is often overlooked. People think they don’t walk on upholstery like they would on a carpet, so they don’t think about how badly it might not be cleaned. At the same time, various allergens, dust, dirt and bacteria will settle in the fibers of sofas and chairs.

Get our upholstery cleaning tips?

Find the right cleaning liquid

You don’t just have to look for the nearest bottle of cleaning liquid. Instead, reading the labels will ensure that you find the best and safest labels for your furniture.

Make your own cleaning fluid

If you can’t find a cleaning fluid you like, try making your own cleaning fluid! Mix a drop of Dawn with a cup of warm water to make a basic cleaning solution that is safe and effective on many surfaces.

Test Your Cleaning Liquid

You should find inconspicuous areas of upholstery and apply a small amount of cleaning liquid to ensure it does not shrink the surface. It should not affect the color fastness of the dyes on the fabric.

Vacuum first

In any case, it is best to remove dirt, dust and dry dirt first, and then wet the furniture. Before Sofa Cleaning, you should remove all the cushions and covers from the armrests and vacuum well. You can also use various accessories on the vacuum to deep clean cracks, corners and creases.

Apply the cleaning solution gently

If you are using a bottled cleaning solution, apply it according to the solution label. A soft cloth or brush with soft bristles should be used to apply the sunrise mixture. Then, you should apply a small amount of the mixture on a brush or cloth and move it in small circles, working in the fibers, some bubbles will appear. Finally, use a clean damp cloth to wipe off the soap residue.

Deal with stains immediately

When spills or stains occur, it is important to remove them quickly. If the spill is allowed to deposit on the fabric, it will permanently deposit on the fibers of the Melbourne Leather Upholstery Cleaner and may cause serious damage. When cleaning up the spill, be sure to wipe it dry and scrub it.

Develop a proper maintenance plan

After you have properly cleaned the upholstery, make sure to make a plan to maintain this condition.

Types of upholstery cleaning methods

Steam heat removal

Steam heat removal uses high-temperature steam cleaning technology to remove dust and all other harmful particles on the surface of the sofa. This method can remove excess water as well as dirt and dust, ensuring that there are no sequelae of dampness or dampness. As a result, the shrinkage of the fabric is significantly reduced, and the entire sofa can be cleaned in just a few hours. Compared with other methods, from a financial point of view, this method is also more economical and guarantees the best cleaning results.

Carbonation Cleaning

Carbonation Cleaning also encourages natural cleaning and ensures that the sofa remains purchased. The full cleaning method only takes 4-6 hours. A small amount of carbonated fizzy cleaning fluid used by experts. There are millions of carbonic acid bubbles, which are small enough to penetrate the fiber and remove dirt and grime. These contaminants can elevate them to a surface that is easy to clean. It also leaves a protective barrier on the surface and minimizes future build-up of dirt and grime.

Chemical Cleaning

This method uses chemically safe products on all types of fabrics, including leather. The unique dry shampoo encapsulation method can effectively remove used dirt and crusted particles in the shortest drying time. In fact, you can sit down immediately after the sofa is thoroughly cleaned.

Cleaning Foam

Foam solution can also be applied to the sofa by hand to remove stains, and can be left for a short period of time. Subsequently, the area was also vacuumed, which is the result of the sofa smelling fresh and clean. Since the user can also control the amount of foam, moisture can cause damage, which is a common choice for consumers.

Call Pro Upholstery Cleaning

The best thing you can do for your upholstery items is to ask an Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne expert to clean it. Well-trained professionals have high-quality services and perfect knowledge to handle all types of interior decoration. With the help of the cleaning experts at Sofa Cleaning Melbourne, you can take care of your furniture properly.

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