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Useful Tips For Pet Photography

Ankit October 20, 2017

Be it a pet parent or pet lover, everyone likes clicking their pets. But not everyone can master at getting those emotions rights. Here we are sharing few tips that can help you in clicking some amazing portraits of your pet friend.

1) Capture their personality

Understand what your pet is good at and catch them when they are at their best. For instance, if you have a lazy pet, capture them while sleeping. If you have a very active lad, click them while they are busy playing with their toy. Get some clicks while they are running up to you with their toy in the mouth or while they are catching some afternoon nap after a tiring game.

2) Take the ground level

If you want to capture the best shots of your pet, get down to their level even if it means laying on the ground. This kind of portrait gives you and the viewer the perspective of how it feels to be a dog or a cat. This way you can also capture their funny faces while they are looking at you in astonishment that what you are up to with that little giant in your hand.

3) Don’t ignore lighting

Like for humans, lighting plays a key role while clicking those four-legged cute creatures. Choose a large shaded area for making the best use of contrasting colours. Avoid picturing them during the evening if they are black as it would make the photo look dark. Choose a spot near a window or in your backyard with contrasting colours that would make your pet look stands out.

4) Patience is the key

Pet photography takes a lot of patience while you keep your calm. You can fire away as many shots as you want to get the right moment but as you will practice your way to this, you would find that this isn’t the right way to capture the perfect still. You might want to wait for the right moment and anticipate your pet’s next move. This would make the entire session more fun and better rather than capturing stills at burst mode.

5) Creativity!

This goes without saying that for a photography session to be fun, you ought to get creative. Create situations, circumstances, use foreground and backgrounds to make that one still a complete story in itself. You can play with lighting, different kind of contrast and what not.

If you think that you need to brush up your skills and not prepared enough to be an ideal photographer, you can hire pet photographer who can help you get some really good stills that you can keep forever without spending much. There are many of such good Long Island Pet Photographer who are known for their excellent creativity when it comes to animals. Do check them out.

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