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Using corrugated boxes: What you need to know

marysmithwick December 15, 2021

The corrugated packaging box is another popular type of packaging box after cardboard, so we will look at it in detail. We’ll see how to get custom boxes printed on corrugated packaging stock and why and where these boxes are used. The best way to use these packaging materials for promotional purposes and the many ways to get done with them. 

Corrugated boxes wholesale: what are they?

When making corrugated boxes, the corrugated paper stock is used as the stock where the rows are added to place different items inside. The corrugated box we receive with the pizza we order is an example of how these boxes are used in our daily lives. Food and other items are delivered using corrugated paper since it’s stronger than regular paper stock. They are made with ridges on the sides which provide flexibility and strength to the box. Liner and medium are two components of the boxes. The liner is the outermost layer and the medium is the interior layer.

For the larger boxes, the liner is used to make the surface flat by covering the medium on the inside. On occasion, a liner may also be placed inside the box. An arch-shaped medium is frequently used for joining sheets together. An arch-shaped medium is used to give the boxes their strength. Using paper glue to bind the sheets together, the corrugated boxes are strengthened by balancing properly and made ready for shipping. Each type of cardboard and box material has its own characteristics, so there are different types on the market. Use boxes with the best quality paper stock if you are shipping products.

Corrugated and cardboard: Differences and similarities

Paper-pulp or thick stock paper is used to make cardboard cartons. In addition to making packaging, this material helps keep the shape of clothing items like button-up shirts and is used for a variety of other products as well.

Cardboard containers are great for shipping products, but you’re at risk since they don’t offer much protection. Additionally, bubble wrap or other packaging materials may be required during shipping to protect the product.

Cardboard is made of one sheet of material while corrugated cartons contain several layers of material. Foil consists of three layers: an internal liner, an external liner, and an interlayer of fluted material. Shipping a significant number of packages requires a material that is lightweight and resilient. Corrugated cardboard fulfills both criteria.

No matter what shock, moisture, or temperature change they are exposed to, the containers remain intact. In spite of the fact that corrugated boxes cannot stand up to extreme temperatures or excessive force, they still guarantee that your products will arrive at their final destinations in perfect condition.

Corrugated cardboard: the basics

We can take a closer look at corrugated after knowing the differences between it and cardboard. When it comes to making corrugated boxes wholesale a number of factors are considered. These factors are why the boxes can be customized.

Defining the flute profile

A is the largest flute size, with B, C, E, and F being the most popular flutes today. Check our flute-type blog now. Your corrugated box’s wall thickness and stacking strength are determined by the flute size. Flute A is approximately 5 mm thick and offers additional cushioning and strength for products that need increased stacking ability. The thickness of the board decreases with each B, C, E, and F flute

Typologies of corrugated boards

Boxes made of corrugated boards can be made from four types of boards. Double-wall and single-wall corrugated boards are the most common. Alternatively, single-face boards are constructed by adhering one sheet of corrugated medium to one sheet of the liner. Wrapping and cushioning products with this type of board are commonly used to protect and cushion them. Two sheets of the corrugated medium are glued together and referred to as “single-wall board”. Shipping boxes and retail displays are frequently made from this type of board.

Three layers of liner are glued between two sheets of corrugated media. Products like this one need a stronger box to ship or are heavier.

Corrugated material is glued between three layers of liner and three layers of corrugated material. Since they are very strong, industrial parts or produce bins are typically constructed from these boards.

The Board Grade

Depending on whether it passed the Mullen or Edge Crush Test (ECT), a corrugated board is classified. There are vastly different applications for these two types of board. Boxes are tested for stacking strength or pressure before they are crushed, or how much they can withstand. For stacking boxes on pallets or warehouse shelves, ECT board is the best choice. There is a limit to how much pressure a box can withstand before it bursts or punctures. This board type is ideal for applications that require resistance to internal or external factors.

Why corrugated packaging is beneficial


The versatility and value that corrugated packaging offers retailers are due to its ability to be customized. Whatever your packaging needs are, corrugated can satisfy them. It can be used to design a custom retail packaging solution or a custom corrugated shipping box.

Satisfaction of Customers Increased

Interested in satisfying your customers? Make the unboxing process enjoyable. Ecommerce companies are especially responsible for creating a pleasant unboxing experience because they do not have the same “presence” as traditional retailers do, and they need to leave a lasting impression with their customers. A good package can make your customers feel appreciated.


You can create a positive environmental impact and an e-commerce business impact with sustainable packaging. An e-commerce business’s ability to establish a strong relationship with its customers is a key factor in its growth and success. Additionally, environmental-friendly packaging and products have gained popularity in recent years. 

Efficiency in terms of cost

Why would anyone choose corrugated over other packaging options when corrugated offers all of these benefits? What makes someone choose corrugated over other packaging options? Corrugated packaging is extremely cost-effective to manufacture and reuse due to its sustainability and ability to be recycled quickly. You can both save money and increase sales with it. 

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