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Ways to Make False Eyelashes Look Natural

dsmith September 4, 2021

Fauxtensions Sarina is our in-house faux eyelash extension to give a voluminous look to your natural eye lashes. Designed with the state-of-the-art lash industry innovation – the lashes open from the root – thus overlapping your eyelashes perfectly and mimicking them therefrom. Just for 14$, you can get your hands on a pair of eyelashes that look a bomb but don’t cost so. Hassle-free and comfortable. These short false eyelashes would look like your natural ones when you put on the mascara and get ready to hit town. The vegan fibers integrated into the Sarina Faux Eyelash give a wispy look and feel. Its multi-layered structure is well crafted to blend with your natural lashes and look and feel just the same.

Light as a feather, the Sarina faux extensions can easily be forgotten once worn, as you maneuver your day with premium comfort. Fauxtensions Sarina can handle mascara like no other faux eyelash can. Feel free to bring out the mascara and give yourself the winged look or the 3D look without troubling your mind with thoughts of lash mishaps. The everlasting curl stays intact for hours to come what with the Gimme Lash cotton band giving it solid support in the base.

Use our lucid video tutorials to understand all procedures related to the application and maintenance of your Gimme Lash faux extensions. Gently pull out the inner corner of the band, apply glue on the lash and let it dry for 1-2 minutes. Curl the lashes as they dry and put on the mascara to finish your glam look for the night. The Gimme Lash fax extensions are easy to apply and easy to remove too. Just a cotton bud and micellar water to soak and clean the glue off eyelashes. Make sure to store the eyelashes in the exclusive Gimme Lash tray to increase its longevity. You will more such pro tips on that help you attain a multi-day hold – isn’t that what we all want and pray for!

We are a 100% cruelty-free brand. Gimme lash is PETA certified and hence a must-have for any Vegan fashionista. Choose from the never-ending list of exclusive categories here at Gimme Lash – we have something for every mood. Yas Queen! Choose your perfect fit from numerous densities – natural, medium, and long; numerous lengths – natural, medium, and bold; and all possible eye shapes – small, round, almond, and hooded.

Buy a single pair or bundle it up! Gimme Lash offers the most exciting discounts for both make-up artists and our elite clientele both. Avail free shipping for all purchases over 35$ and grab your free pair of eyelashes on every new purchase. It is time to add to your fake eyelash collection with these soft, synthetic fibres that give your makeup the sheen it deserves. Bella Lite, Queen Bela, Princess Jaz, Gisella – so many glams look to choose from at the house of What are you waiting for? Grab your first pair of Gimme Lash today!

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