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Ways to sell surgical masks (website, e-commerce platform, social media platform)

speedexind August 11, 2021

The increasing air pollution followed by the deadly coronavirus has made wearing face masks compulsory. Whether it is about picking a parcel from the doorstep or stepping out of the door to buy groceries, wearing a mask is the first thing that comes to mind. 

The factors have inflated the demand for masks that don’t seem to experience a downfall anytime soon. This has tempted more manufacturers to enter the market that directly impacted the sale of surgical mask making machines

With a surgical mask machine, manufacturers can produce quality masks at high speed. 

But what after?

With so many manufacturers entering the market, the competition will be high, making it tougher for everyone to create a place for themselves and skyrocket sales. 

In the era of digitalization, relying on word-of-mouth marketing and foot traffic will not do enough good for your business. Therefore, to ensure your business’s success, selling your products online can be one of the best practices. 

If you are thinking of the best ways of selling your products online, this article will be of great help. Here, we are writing down some of the best ways to sell surgical masks.

Build A Website

A website is the virtual representation of your business that stays active 24×7 to cater to the demands of your existing & potential customers. By building a website that represents your business in the right way and voices out your business’s motive, values, and visions can be your best way to elevate your brand presence. 

A remarkable presence on the digital platform and constant efforts to make yourself stand out from the crowd will help your business survive and thrive in the long run. 

You can hire a web designing company that will build a business website for you and manage everything ranging from listing all your products to setting up the gateways and delivery process. 

This way, you can focus on your core business process and develop more ways to get ahead of the competition and make your brand grow in terms of reliability and popularity.

Make Listings Attractive

Your mask listings should be simple, easy-to-read, and precise. It should be easily understandable and include clear images of your masks. The product description should include the type of fabric the masks are made from, the number of layers they have, measurements, how they should be worn if they are washable or not, and other important details. The photos of the masks should be taken carefully so that they depict their actual color and material. It would be better if you add pictures of other people wearing the masks.

Avoid Making Medical And Health Claims

Avoid making medical and health claims while creating your mask listings. It may make your shoppers believe that the offered masks will prevent coronavirus. Additionally, avoid comparing your masks with your competitors or N95 masks or claiming that it will prevent the transmission of viruses. Unless you are 100% sure about any feature of your face masks, avoid claiming it on the online portal.

Be Clear In The Description

Selling masks online is no easy task as no one has the same face size or fit preference. Therefore, mentioning everything clear about the masks in the description will help the prospective customers decide whether or not the masks will fit their needs and eventually reduce the chances of returns and negative reviews. 

Also, provide information about when the delivery will be made once the order is placed. You can add the shipping price within the total price of the masks or show it to customers once they are going to make an order. 

Mentioning everything right there on the customer’s screen, you reduce the number of queries and questions coming to your inbox and make the sales funnel smoother for customers to navigate through. 

Highlight Product Features

Highlighting product features in the description will make it easier for buyers to find what they are looking for at just one glance. This is also an easy way to ensure that your product listings show on the top of users’ search results. Mention features like the type of ear straps, fabric, washability, etc. Shoppers usually use such features as keywords in their online searches. 

Add Some Fun Designs

Some fun designs on the masks can do the magic to attract customers to your virtual doorstep. The masks don’t seem to leave our wardrobes anytime soon; they have become a part of everyday fashion. By adding a mix of creative, appealing, and fun designs to the masks, you can make customers happy and boost sales. You can even add your brand logo on the masks to make customers stumble upon your store every time they want to buy face masks.

Share On Social Media Page

Once your online shop is up and running, the next thing you need to do is spread the word about your brand on social media. Don’t hesitate and share your masks on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Ask all of your friends and family to like and share the social media pages to spread the word about your business. 

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