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Web Application Requirements Gathering Process Model For UAE Market

Faiza Sareah March 23, 2015


It’s preeminent to gather information for developing a web application so that it meets client’s demand in a best way. UAE market is filled with challenges to offer a web development company, so it needs to verify correct information or requirement that a client is looking for. Let’s see what requirements gathering is and how the requirements gathering process model works for web application development in UAE.

What is Requirements Gathering

The practice of collecting requirements of a web application from its users, or customers beforehand starting working for that, is referred as, “requirements gathering”. But as the name indicates, requirements gathering is gathering the information and that not only by customers, but many other sources.

It’s a requirements elicitation that is a part of requirements engineering process that includes analyzing and specifying requirements.

Requirements Gathering For UAE Market

For diverse market of UAE, requirements gathering is not that simple to get all requirements from customers or users by asking them their requisites, but it is a non-trivial process that includes interviews, surveys, filling questionnaires, getting user observation, arranging meetings, workshops, brainstorming sessions, as well as application prototyping.

While looking for web application development services in Dubai, clients may get involved with web application development companies to offer them maximum information they want to be added in their required application.

Types of Requirements

There are two types of requirements for developing a web application.

  • Functional Requirements these requirements describe the functionality of the web application.
  • Non-Functional Requirements these requirements describe the visual properties, usability, and the performance of the web application.


Web Applications Requirements Gathering Process Model
For getting a best web application, requirements gathering process is a most critical factor that may result in success or failure. So gathering right set of information or requirements is the key to deliver right web application that also satisfies the need of clients.
Over the years, many models have been proposed for requirements gathering process which are aimed to deal with the requirements of elicitation, analysis, specification, and validation. These models include a series of steps or activities that are followed to find client’s requirements.
What requirements gathering process model clients prefer while having web application development in UAE Market, have no much difference other than geographical preferences.

The model for requirements gathering process
•    Getting initial requirements from client to define the basics of the application
•    Interaction with client, arranging interviews, meetings, surveys, or calls for getting enhanced information
•    Doing interface analysis of a web application
•    Brainstorming on all basic information collected from clients and also users
•    Getting ready the requirement documents and prototype of the application
•    Getting review from client or experts
•    Making changes and modifying application according to suggestions
•    Again getting the changes reviewed by client and experts
•    Satisfying clients of fulfilling the requirements
•    Getting clients approval for the changes and starting web application development.

The other approach to requirements gathering process model can be

1.    Discover

Reviewing existing process, arranging clients interviews, meetings

2.    Document

  • Compiling all requirements
  • Documenting clients’ requirement
  • Getting a complete list of requirements

3.    Testing

Prototyping and getting expert reviews

4.    Sign-off

  • Client’s approval
  • Signing off from clientsThis process for gathering clients requirement for developing a web application helps to develop a right and on time product for client.

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