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What are bed bugs, and how to remove them?

Anil Singh November 1, 2021

While bed bugs are not believed to be highly dangerous, they can pose a serious threat if an allergic reaction is triggered following several bites. So, their existence is not limited to lost sleep; they can be a menace if their population is left uncontrolled once spotted. Please read on more about bed bugs, and how they could harm. Also, we will talk about ways to remove them.

About bed bugs

The tiny, wingless insects feed only on the blood of warm-blooded animals, and they have been here for a long time because they have been spotted even on the tomb of ancient Egyptians. But why are they called bed bugs? It is because their preferred habitat is the human home. They can easily hide under beds, sofas, mattresses, clothes, etc. and stay there undetected. Places like hostels, hotels, cruise ships etc. often struggle controlling bed bugs because of the nature of these places, which people from different places frequently visit.

Bed Bugs

While bedbugs are not dangerous, if one gets bitten several times and develops an allergic reaction to the bites, things can be pretty serious and then one may need urgent medical attention. Their bites can leave one itching excessively, leading one to scratch more often, thereby increasing the possibility of skin infection.

When it comes to the signs of bedbugs, the most common is the bite. These tiny creatures can inflict bites when one is sleeping. Their bite can have different outcomes depending on the type of skin. These bites may go undetected, or there may be small bite marks, or one may develop severe allergic reactions. A sweet musty odor, rusty blood spot marks on the mattress or beds or furniture, or their physical presence in the fold of mattresses are some of the signs of bed bugs. Unlike many other pests, they won’t destroy structures or transfer deadly diseases, but still, their presence can be annoying, and if left uncontrolled, they may pose serious harm to humans and home furnishings.

Other than developing an allergic reaction to the bites and skin infection from the scratches, bed bug infestation can lead to sleep loss. The thoughts of crawling bed bugs and their bites that may lead to infection, are enough to keep one awake all night. Not having enough sleep means feeling stressed the next day and feeling frustrated and annoyed.

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Control Bed bugs

The best way to control bed bugs from posing threats to you and your family is to regularly look for any signs of infestation. Getting rid of these bugs is not easy and requires professional attention. If you fear an infestation, it is essential to call for help from a professional pest control company that will inspect your place and accordingly provide an accurate solution.

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