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What Are The Advantages of Glass Railings?

alinabeths February 17, 2021

What Are The Advantages of Glass Railings?

When it comes to deciding the perfect type of guardrails for homes, many people find themselves stuck in selecting the best option. This is because of the availability of various kinds of materials for fences. For example, stainless steel, wood, glass, etc. Of these materials, glass is the most beautiful material.

If you have seen modern homes, most of them have installed glass railings. Have you ever thought, why people prefer installing modern glass stair railings in their homes over the other ones? This is because, in addition to safety, glass railings make the interiors of the house more beautiful and attractive. This blog lists some benefits that these railings offer.

Glass Railings Create Illusion For More Space

One of the benefits that the glass railings provide is the illusion of having more space. Due to this advantage, the modern glass stair railings have gained much popularity today. The illusion makes the area of your home look larger than it actually is. You cannot achieve this with other types of railings like metal railings, wood railings, etc.

Moreover, the glass railings provide you with a transparent border, creating a fresh, open, and more expansive environment.

Glass Railings Do Not Block Light

Another benefit of installing glass railings in your home is that they do not create any obstruction in the path of light entering your home. If you install glass railings on your balcony, you will enjoy more sunlight than the counterparts’ wood and steel railings.

Glass Railings Enhances The Beauty Of Modern Interiors

One of the reasons for modern glass stair railings’ popularity is that they add a touch to the beauty of modern interiors. An interesting thing about the glass railings is that they are also available in different designs. But for that, you have to look for decorative backsplash glass railings.

Glass Railings Increase The Value Of Your Home

Installing glass railings is also beneficial when you want to sell your home. Irrespective of their type (plain glass or decorative backsplash glass), these railings increase your house’s value by enhancing the beauty and space of the interiors.

Glass Railings Are Easy To Clean

Whether it is decorative backsplash glass railings or plain glass railings, they are always easy to clean. With some glass cleaning products and a lint-free cloth, you are ready to clean them. Also, cleaning the glass railings is just a cakewalk.

Though cleaning the glass guardrails is an easy and quick process, you should be careful while cleaning them. This is because the selection of the wrong cleaning materials may put scratches on the glass. Polishing the glass can remove the scratches and restore its original beauty, but you have to spend extra money for this.

Glass Railings Are Strong And Durable

If you think that the modern glass stair railings may break easily, you are wrong. Many people have this misconception; due to this, they fear installing glass balustrades in their homes. But the reality is far away from this myth. The glass used to manufacture all types of glass rails is exceptionally robust because it is an engineered glass. Engineered glass is much durable construction material as compared to wood. This makes the glass balustrades last for many years with little maintenance.

On the other hand, glass rails are also resistant to problems like pest infestation, corrosion, etc. With time, metal railings like iron become more prone to corrode. But the glass railings continue to maintain their beauty and durability over a long time. Yes, glass also ages with time, but it is a prolonged process and is not noticeable with naked eyes. This makes the glass looks as beautiful as it was several years ago.

Glass Railings Provide Unobstructed View

If your home is located at a beautiful sight or you have a backyard, installing the glass guardrails will be the best option for you. The tempered glass panels will be the perfect option for glass rails because they are nearly invisible. Hence, they provide a seamless scenic experience.

Glass Railings Are Safe

The progress in technology has made it possible for engineers to produce engineered glass. This glass has extreme strength. Therefore, it does not break easily. Due to this, there is a tremendous demand for engineered glass in the construction sector.

Glass Railings Complements Other Materials Perfectly Besides offering great versatility, glass railings perfectly accompany other materials in your home. Many choices are available when it comes to installing glass fences on your home as per the surrounding interiors. You can go with opaque glass, decorative backsplash glass, or patterned glass with different textures and colors.

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