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What are the Benefits of Buying Loose Green Tea Online?

Marta Jordan January 16, 2019

The healthiest beverage on the planet is, undoubtedly, green tea. The effects of green tea on the body are extremely beneficial, and it is rich with several nutrients. The powerful effects of green tea include fat loss, lower cancer risks, and improved brain function.

Green tea is now available in abundance. It is not something that must be procured after walking 40 kms and picking out the best leaves. Due to the advancement in logistics management and technology, it is possible to buy loose green tea online. This way the consumer is not troubled and health is delivered at the consumer’s doorstep.

Reasons why green tea unlocks health:

1.Useful bioactive components
More than just a cup full of liquid, green tea is a drink filled with the choicest nutrients such as polyphenols, which help in reduction of weight. It also contains an ample amount of catechins which improve cell conditions and prevent them from damage. The formation of free radicals is prevented by green tea, which, in turn, reduces ageing and prevents molecules from damage. The medicinal properties of green tea stem from a powerful component called EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) and are used in the treatment of several diseases.

2.Fat is burnt
Physical performance is increased through the consumption of green tea. The metabolic rate of the body is increased which helps in burning and controlling fat.

3.Brain functioning improves
People who buy loose green tea online take active steps to improve health and become smarter in the process. It contains caffeine but not as much as coffee which makes a person very jittery. The caffeine increases the firing of neurons within the brain and therefore increases concentration. This is the reason behind an improvement in mood, increased reaction time, memory, and vigilance.

4.Reduction of cancer risks
Uncontrolled growth of cells is the reason behind cancer, which can be curbed by green tea which is rich in antioxidants. Breast cancer can be reduced by 20-30% due to daily consumption of green tea. The risk of prostate cancer is reduced by 48% in men. Colorectal cancer risks are reduced by 42% in green tea consumers.

5.Reduction in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
Green tea can be used to protect your brain in old age as it improves short term memory. The most common cause of dementia, Alzheimer’s is reduced by green tea, and it also prevents the death of dopamine cells in the brain, which ultimately prevents Parkinson’s.

6.Improvement in dental health
Infections such as influenza can be reduced through the catechins in green tea. Green tea is also a major preventer of plaque in the teeth and reduces bad breath.

7.Weight reduction
A decrease in body fat due to a boost in the metabolic rate is presented by green tea in the abdominal area.

Green tea consists of several beneficial properties which must be taken into account. It is a good idea to make green tea a regular part of the diet in order to prevent chronic diseases and bad breath.

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