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What are the best ways to clean the Tile floor?

Major Carpet Cleaners July 16, 2020

Floor cleaning is an everyday chore and everyone knows how to do it but unfortunately, many people don’t know what’s the best way to keep their tiles and grouts neat and tidy all the time. In the process of cleaning tiles people often damage their ceramic tiles and due to this their floor loses its beauty.

That’s why always tried to get some help from professional tiles and grouts cleaners like Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney. Many things have to be kept in mind while cleaning the floor in the best way and Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney has listed below all those things which will help you not just clean your tiles and grouts but at the same time improve their appearance also. Do the following things for the best cleaning experience of your tiles:

Use of warm water for cleaning

Always try to use warm water to clean your floors and grouts. When you make use of warm water firstly, it dissolves the detergent very easily into the water and secondly, it kills the germs present on the surface of the floors that your detergent may not kill. Along with those warm water also clean stains like coffee or wine stains, that usually can’t be removed that easily. So always use warm water for cleaning your tiles.

Toilet cleaners

It might sound odd but you can use the toilet cleaners to completely clean your tiles. The chemicals present inside toilet cleaners are strong so mix them with water and then spray it all over the area or simply dip the mop inside that mixture and start wiping the whole area. Let it rest for a while but don’t let it dry. After that get a clean mop and a bucket of clean water. Sock the mop and clean up the floor once again. The results will be unbelievable but the only drawback is that while cleaning the odor might not be good for many but once cleaning is done, all the smell will be gone.

Methylated spirits

Generally when it comes to cleaning the area near your garage or where ever you keep your vehicle, the grease and oil stains are something that everyone struggles in getting rid of. So use some denatured alcohol or methylated spirits to clean these oily patches on the floor. Not just this inside home also if you have oil spilled on the floor then it can’t be completely cleaned with the mop so mix spirit with some essential oils and water and then spray it over that area and it will take care of the oiled area.

Lemon juice and soap water

lemon is a well known natural cleaning substance used by people worldwide and mixing it with soap makes it work even more efficiently. Mix lemon juice with some water and detergent to prepare a cleaning agent. After that soak your mop in it and clean the floor and you will notice a significant change in the cleanliness of your home. The floor cleaners that claim to have lemon in them have a very low content of natural substances and more synthetic fragrance of lemon. That’s why you should make that solution of your own to ensure cleaner floors.

Baking soda and vinegar

when it comes to grout cleaning, everyone starts complaining as it is not easy to clean those gaps between your tiles. Many people try to clean them using soap but miserably fail at that and end up saying its impossible. You should firstly have the correct thing to clean grouts and what you need are white vinegar and baking soda. Mix them well and when a semi-liquid paste is formed, apply it on the grouts and rub them for a few minutes. After that leave it for 1 hour to get the best results. After that mop, the floor and grouts will be cleaned.

Vinegar and dish soap

To clean your wooden floors, only normal cleaning detergents won’t work so you must use vinegar and dish soap for cleaning wooden floors. The mixture of vinegar and dish soap works efficiently on wooden floorings. The vinegar helps in getting rid of all of grease and oil present in the cracks and the dish soap dissolves these oils along with the dirt and makes it easy to remove them from the wooden floor. Just be careful about one thing, the amount of vinegar used in this method should be low as a high volume of vinegar in the mixture can cause damage to some wooden surfaces.

Steam cleaning

The only method of cleaning floors that is better than how water cleaning for tiles and marble floors is, without any doubt, steam cleaning. For steam cleaning your floor, you require a steam cleaner that you can get from any hardware store. Before starting steam cleaning you have to sweep the dry floor completely so that it becomes easy for you to mop after steam cleaning. Another thing to remember is that always scrap up any wax present on the floor otherwise due to the heat produced by the steam cleaner, it will expand and become even harder to remove.

This was a list of best ways that you could undertake to clean your floors properly. But even after implementing them, you want an even better floor cleaning service then you should call professionals to take care of your floor cleaning. To get Tiles and grout cleaning services in Sydney, just contact the Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney and you won’t be disappointed by looking at the quality of work that you will get. At Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney, we work for the wellbeing and satisfaction of our customers, and making our customers happy is our main aim. We do the cleaning of all types of floors and that also at a reasonable price. To extend the life of your floor and to make it look better, you need to do only one thing and that is to call Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney.

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