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What Are The Methods To Test pH Level In Water?

johnmiller3413 February 25, 2021

There is no denying the fact that water, being a liquid and a solution has specific chemical properties. The reason behind the same is its makeup. Professionals have said that all the solutions are basic, acidic, or neutral. If you are thinking how we know this, it is all because of the pH( power of Hydrogen) scale. This scale has various values ranging from zero to fourteen. Vitally, this is a measure of how many hydrogen ions or hydroxide ions are present in the water. 

If you want to measure the pH level in the water, consider using a pH level tester for water. Now they say that acidic solutions are found on the lower end of the spectrum and they can have a jillion of more hydrogen ions as compared to basic solutions. If we talk about basic solutions, they are found on the higher end of the spectrum and have million hydrogen ions as compared to acidic solutions.

A pH measurement of seven is known as neutral. Water, in its purest form consists of a pH level of exactly seven. This is what offers the foundation for measuring the pH levels. It is very easy to test the pH level of water and mentioned below are some of the methods to do that.

  1. Using a portable pH portable meter: According to the professionals, firstly, get in touch with the manufacturer instructions and specifications. This will help to calibrate the meter and probe. One of the simplest methods you can follow for the same is to test the probe by dipping it in a substance with a pH level which you already have an idea about. This may be a great idea if you have to carry out the calibration exercise hours before making use of it. However, make sure you use the probe before using it by rinsing it with clean water and wiping it with a tissue. Make sure the tissue is clean and not a dirty one. Now fill the container with the water which is needed to be tested. Nevertheless it is your responsibility to ensure the level of water covers the tip of the electrode. This is how you will be getting the right reading. Amidst this please make sure that the water container is at rest for some time. This is what will allow the temperature to stabilize.
  1. Making use of pH papers: If you are using the pH papers instead of the ph level testers, you first have to fill a container with test water. You will need to ensure that the water level is deep enough. This is how the pH testing strip will be covered and the measuring will become easy for you. Next, you have to dip one of the test strips inside the water container for some seconds. Now you will notice that the strip will change its color. With the change of the color, you will be able to find the pH level of the water.
  1. Using a litmus paper: As compared to all the other methods, a litmus paper works in a little different method. This is something that will help you find out whether the solution is basic or acidic. What you have to do is fill up the container. Make sure it is clean. Take the litmus paper and dip it inside the container. The litmus paper will either be blue or red.

The Summary

These are some of the ways how you will be able to measure the water level. Make sure you keep them in mind and make the next move. You will be able to measure the water level in the right manner. If you are confused, make sure you seek help from the professionals.

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