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What are the Options You Have To Insulate a Garage Roof?

alinabeths February 24, 2021

Everyone knows that home insulation is essential. But garage insulation is also as crucial as home, which people often forget. Why? Because the garage is a place that stores your expensive vehicles and other valuable items.

Moreover, insulating a garage helps you maintain your house’s energy efficiency. If your home is well insulated, but the garage is not, there are chances that you still receive high utility bills. Insulating a garage ensures that all tiny wholes and cracks are well sealed from where the air can pass inside and outside your home.

There is a relief that you don’t need to insulate your whole garage. For instance, a large population prefers to insulate a garage roof, which is enough to maintain a pleasant atmosphere no matter what the outside climate is.

The market is filled with various options that can easily confuse in choosing the best. So here is the list. Read it and select the one that suits you best:

  1. Cellulose installation

This method is gaining a lot of popularity to insulate a garage roof. This method is generally done by blowing cellulose into cavities of the wall and ceilings with the help of a blowing machine.

But this method is not suitable for the garages which are still under construction. It works well for the finished ceilings and walls. This method is long-lasting, effective, and can be accomplished in less time.

  • Fiberglass insulation

It is the most usually used method to insulate a garage roof. It is available in the form of long batts or blankets, which are needs to be cut in the desired shapes and fit between the ceiling joists and wall studs.

You can attain a finished look on your walls without being exposed to the itchy fibers through this method. One more best thing is, this method is cost-efficient too.

  • Spray foam insulation

Spray insulation can be an excellent choice for air sealing, but it is quite expensive. It is suitable for those who are willing to use their garage as a living space or planning to convert it into a work area. This method is simple to accomplish, takes less time, and is a one-time investment to enjoy the benefits for many years.

  • Rigid foam insulation

It is the large thick sheet commonly called as rigid foam. It is easy to cut into any shape and fit anywhere you want. It is perfect for the insulation of thin walls and garage doors. It’s a very affordable option but may need replacement after a few years.

Note: “Never forget to check the fire rating of rigid foam you are using. Some of these are not fire-resistant and can promote fire if accident catches it.”

Do’s and Don’ts of garage insulation installation.

If you are ready to spend a weekend tackling a garage insulation project, here is some advice you can keep in your consideration. It will save both your time and money:

  • The largest opening in your home is the door of the garage. Therefore, it needs to be correctly insulated. When you made your mind to insulate a garage roof, never forget to protect the door.
  • Covering electrical boxes with insulation is a common mistake you must avoid because you will fail to access them in the future. Besides that, it is not safe either. Besides, people also install Fire Extinguisher in Toronto in their garage to prevent accidents.
  • Do a preferred research on finding an installation that provides the maximum safety from moisture, mildew, and mold.
  • If your home is old, you can still pursue garage installation. Many people think that garage insulation can only be done when the house is new, but it is entirely wrong. You can add insulation to your garage at any time you want.
  • Heat radiates most through the walls of the ceiling. Therefore, never leave your garage roof uninsulated.

Additional tips

  • Ensure thoroughly examining your garage before pursuing insulation to check the water leakages. If you find any, address it correctly before insulation.

If you wish to keep your garage warm in a cold climate, then prefer wall insulation, but if you want to prevent noise, too, you would need to insulate a garage roof. This method is suitable for those who plan to use their garage as a family room or workroom.

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