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What Are the Pros and Cons of Alloy Wheels Refurbishment?

olivialixx47 November 5, 2021

Alloys can either make or break a car’s overall image besides offering several performance benefits over steel wheels. However, in reality, they are practically more susceptible to damage and far less durable than them. And once damaged, it takes no longer time for the corrosion to set in them. Ultimately that makes your wheel’s rims look tatty, additionally compromising your car’s structural integrity.

Moreover, compared to traditional steel wheels, the manufacturing process of alloy wheels Ireland is somewhat complex. That indicates that they tend to cost more, and also, their replacements can be difficult.

That is why now most drivers are leaning over refurbishing damaged alloy wheels instead of buying a new set. So, given below are the advantages and disadvantages of such alloy wheel repairservices for your ease.

Alloy Wheels Refurbishment Pros

Undoubtedly, refurbishing alloy wheels is a great option indeed. But for that, it is crucial to find professional repair with relative experience in this field. For having to find reliable repairers, you will have to research well. In addition to that, you will have to ensure that the repairer must have the proper equipment for this job.

The following are some of the benefits of refurbishing damaged alloy wheels:

1.    Car Looks

Refurbishing your vehicle’s alloy wheels is often great to restore them in their original former glory. Also, proper alloy wheel repair services enhance the car’s overall aesthetics and appeal.

1.    Customization

Compared to buying a new set of alloy wheels Ireland, refurbishment usually offers more custom colors and finishing options. That generally allows the car owner to achieve a unique look by contrasting and complementing your desired paintwork.

2.    Added value

Repairing damaged allows undoubtedly restore the value and worth of your car. Another significant advantage associated is that you don’t have to pay any penalty charged. Particularly if you are handling it back to a leasing company.

3.    Cost savings

The cost of alloy wheels refurbishment in Ireland usually depends on several factors like

  1. need of wheel treatment
  2. type of alloy wheels
  3. extent of damage
  4. size of wheel
  5. the current condition of wheels and car

 However, a reasonably typical repair may cost around £75- £100 for each wheel. Indeed, it is still much cheaper than buying a brand-new set of alloy wheels.

4.    Safety

As wheels are one of the most heavily abused parts of a vehicle, bearing a lot of weight. So, they sooner or later suffer from wear and tear. Damaged wheels are dangerous to control on roads, and they also cause strain on other car parts. However, refurbishing your alloy wheels Ireland at the right time can address a lot of your more significant car problems. Also, it keeps you safe and protected while driving.

Alloy Wheels Refurbishment Cons

Besides the various advantages, there are also some disadvantages associated with it. Let’s see them in detail:

1.    Protection

As refurbishment is a cosmetic treatment for wheel damage, it usually offers no supplementary protection for future damage.  

2.    Durability

Even the most reputablealloy wheel repair services providing companies can give the best warranty of 12 months. Other local companies can’t even guarantee their wheels half a year.

3.    Limitations

Sometimes refurbishing has its own limits. Sometimes a car cannot handle alloy wheels’ refurbishment at all. While at other times, even after being refurbed, it does not return to its original condition.

4.    Aftercare

Following this treatment, a car owner is usually suggested to avoid using specialist alloy wheel cleaning products. Instead, wheel refurbishing professionals recommend using simply washing with hot soapy water along with some non-abrasive cloths.

5.    Matching

Matching is a crucial thing indeed, as there is no perfect replacement for the original wheels of a car. Even car professionals have to struggle hard sometimes to achieve the desired finish. Even sometimes, it is clearly possible to spot the wheels.

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