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What Causes the Canon Printer to Print Blank Pages?

printersupportplus July 13, 2021

What to Do When Canon Printer is Printing Blank Pages?

In our everyday work life printing is an important step, without which progress in our work would become completely impossible. Canon is a brand that produces great printers. However, at times, the users of Canon printers face an issue, in which they receive only a blank page after giving the print command. The time it happens, the user would think that “What causes the Canon printer to print blank pages?”

Possible Reasons for Blank Pages and Their Solutions:

There can be many other possible reasons for this problem. Some of them are mentioned below;

The Printer Driver is not Updated:

If in case the driver of the printer is not updated, then you can open the search option by clicking the home key, and type “Device Manager” and select it. You will get the option of “Print Queues”, expand it and look for the “Canon inkjet” option. Right-click on the “Canon Inkjet” option and see if the update is available. If it is available then install it and restart the computer. The problem of blank pages will be solved.

The Protective Sheet on the Cartridge:

You have not removed the protective sheet from the cartridge, which you have just installed in the printer.

Cartridge not Installed Properly:

The cartridge which you have just installed to replace the old one is not properly aligned at its place. If you try to align it properly then the issue might get sorted.

Empty Cartridge:

One of the most obvious reasons could be that the ink is over in the cartridge. So, you just need to replace it with the new cartridge.

Next time, when you come across this issue, then don’t ask yourself, “How do I troubleshoot my Canon printer?” Just follow the above steps or visit the official website of Canon.

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