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What equipment you will need when doing major renovations

LenaH April 28, 2021

Renovating a house can be a long and tedious task, but it’s worth it, as once we complete the renovation we have our renewed home. In order to speed up the process, it is important not only to have the right skills and find the right materials. It is also important to choose the right tools. 

What equipment and tools do you need?

Of course, it is difficult to list all the tools and devices that will be useful in the process or repairing a house. However, you can specify which ones will be needed regardless of the circumstances.

Circular saw (“grinder”)

It will be needed at the construction site for cutting various materials: wood, fences, metal and plastic pipes.

When choosing a grinder, first, you need to decide on the type of discs. By choosing their size and number of teeth, we can use this tool for precise cutting, versatile or uneven. Saw power, various protections and additional functions such as blade rotation are also very important.

Stone crusher

Crushed stone is an important building material. Sometimes we need to grind it to a more homogeneous and fine mass. The stone crusher will help us with this. Thanks to its robust body, this tool can be used both for crushing stones and for a variety of works.

Miter saw

It is a device used to cut metal, wood and plastic from different angles. In addition to the parameters that are common to all saws, the miter saw and bevel cutting range should also be checked.


It is needed on a construction site for drilling holes, as well as for mixing mortar or concrete. It is very important to choose a model adapted to the scope of our work. We must carefully analyse the power and torque of the drill of interest (the larger the parameters, the wider the scope of work characterised by the drill). It is also important to choose the right type of drills and attachments, depending on the material. There are drills for wood, concrete and metal.


It looks like a drill, but is used for much more complex work – for example, making a hole in a concrete wall. The hammer drill can be used to make holes in very hard materials or gouge a piece of wall into the desired location. When choosing a hammer drill, you should pay attention to its power, operating modes and speed and productivity.

Cordless screwdriver

This is another essential tool, especially useful during finishing work. Thanks to the screwdriver, we will connect the individual elements and effectively screw-in self-tapping screws.


Hammers have become multi functional nowadays, the time has passed when they were used only for driving nails. Therefore, it is better to choose a quality tool, even if it will cost more, it must be metal, with an ergonomic rubber-coated handle.

Saw for wood

This tool is indispensable for carpentry work, in particular when arranging rafters. When choosing a tool, you should pay attention to the thickness of the saw teeth – the thicker they are, the heavier the material for cutting. However, for a more accurate cut, it is recommended to buy a saw with small teeth.

Angle grinder

Thanks to this device, you can grind, polish and clean all kinds of surfaces, as well as sharpen tools and cut some materials. Such a wide range of options allows you to think about the need to purchase a sander when renovating a house. When choosing equipment, it is recommended to pay attention to power, blade diameter and rotation speed.

Concrete mixer

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of having a concrete mixer at the construction site – without it, construction simply will not begin. Any concrete work, starting from pouring the foundation, screeds, processing concrete, mortars and plasters, requires timely mixing of cement, sand, gravel and water. When choosing a concrete mixer, check what shape the drum has, what is its capacity and what materials it is made of.


They are somewhat similar to traditional spatulas, but they are a completely different tool. The trowel is the main tool in the hands of a bricklayer, mainly used for applying mortars and levelling bricks. The type of trowel is also very important – on the market we can find tools for masonry, plastering and trapezoidal models or even a special type used for grouting.


Thanks to them, builders can manually process various types of materials: stone, concrete or wood.

Shears for steel and sheet metal

They can cut pieces of steel, rods and other metal elements, so they must have very hard blades, an ergonomic handle and have significant resistance when cutting hard objects.

Building levels tools

With the help of levels, builders determine the evenness of walls, ceilings and any other surfaces. The most popular are hydro levels, the most accurate are laser ones.

Building corner

These tools can be right-angled, 45 degrees, and rounded. There are universal, adjustable models on the market that allow measurements in any position, and special devices with electronic reading.


They are usually equipped with a powerful light that illuminates the entire construction site, allowing work to be done at dusk and evenings. As a rule, they use lamps of huge power (about 500-1000 W).

Diesel or gasoline generator

It is good if your construction site is connected to a power source. Then you don’t need a generator. However, many sites are far from the sources of electricity, or cannot be connected to them for various reasons. Your generator at the construction site may even be needed if the network power is insufficient, when all construction equipment is connected.

The presence of its own generator on the site guarantees access to electricity in any situation, even if there is a power failure. You don’t have to worry that the construction will stop if there is a wire break or short circuit.

Construction wheelbarrow

This is an irreplaceable assistant at any construction site. Thanks to them, we can easily transport crushed stone, concrete and other building materials.

When choosing a construction wheelbarrow, you should pay special attention to the reliability of individual elements. They also differ significantly from garden models. Cars should be pneumatic (it is better to buy or rent a car with two wheels) and metal walls.

It is also worth checking the capacity of the wheelbarrows. 

If you need to transport very heavy materials, think about a forklift. You can easily find a good quality forklift for hire. That will save you a lot of energy, time and money. 

Construction shovels

Any construction is also impossible without them. You should pay attention to their composition. The tip must be tough enough to last as long as possible. You should also choose the right width. The shovel shaft can be made of wood, plastic, rubber and metal.

There are many types of shovels in the construction markets today. Some are designed for carrying bulk materials, others for construction waste and others for coal or snow. The most popular type of shovel is the traditional shovel type. With them, you can perform all types of works – from excavating a small hole to digging out the soil under the foundation.


Of course, these are not all the tools and equipment that are needed when building or renovating a house. You will also need crowbars, pliers, pliers, scoops, fishing lines, screwdrivers, various types of wrenches, and more. We have tried to mention the most important and basic ones here. Choose wisely and good luck with the remodelling of your home!

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