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What is a Collaborative Office Space? How Should You Design a Collaborative Office Space?

torexinteriors August 26, 2021

Today the offices are trying to balance between “me” and “we” time. And in this process, the office owners are ditching cubicles and favoring collaborative design office space. This kind of office space makes the employee feel inclusive and increases interaction.

In a collaborative office space, there isn’t a wall between employees. They don’t have to enter a specific region or section to communicate with others. In other words, the collaborative office design space is for all without any discrimination.

A collaborative office space promotes productivity in the business 

Many business owners think that having a collaborative office space is not a good idea because the employees will not get privacy and they won’t be able to concentrate on their works. And thus, the productivity of the office will fall. For a few years, this thought of business owners was seriously noted by commercial interior design service providers. But later, it turned out to be a myth. Today, most commercial interior design service providers recommend collaborative office space because it promotes productivity.

Due to collaborative office space, there is a happy engagement of employees with their coworkers that impacts the overall productivity of the company positively. The employees get the opportunity to infuse with healthy new talents regularly and remain competitive in the industry. This infusion helps in delivering quality service.

Not only professionally, but employees connect socially in a collaborative workspace. Social connections make people happy, which positively affects work performance.

The best thing about collaborative office design that promotes productivity is sharing of ideas with unconventional approaches. The open environment inspires the free exchange of ideas with the help of enthusiastic professionals sitting around.

Simple Tips and Tricks to Design a collaborative office space 

Firstly, you should connect with a reputable company, providing commercial interior design service in your area. It’s because planning out the design with the professionals will give better results.

  • The first and the important tip to design a collaborative office space is to say no to walls. If there are walls internally, the collaboration will never happen. You should remove the physical barriers and make it easy for the employees to meet face to face.
  • In a collaborative office design, you should remove the subconscious construct like standard furniture arrangements. Also, you should use round tables to avoid hierarchy. There should be a non-traditional, decentralized furniture layout.
  • The décor in the collaborative office space should be engaging; the whitewashed walls and fluorescent lighting will not encourage collaboration. The décor should depict the flair for creativity and inspiring brainstorming. If the décor is perfect, the employees will be engaged and focused.
  • Collaborative office space doesn’t mean you won’t focus on tech connections. You should make sure all the interactive areas have a tech touch and it seamlessly integrated. Though it’s not a focal point in collaborative space, it is important for your employees.

Lastly, you should give employees a place to collaborate. You should keep the trends of collaborative office space in mind before designing so that your employees get the opportunity to come together in a flexible, stimulating, and accommodating environment.

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