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What is a Hard Reset on a Canon printer?

printersupportplus August 5, 2021

How to do a Hard Reset on a Canon Printer?

When using your Canon printer for a long time, the printer can jam or hang your document after some time. So, in this case, it becomes essential to reset your printer. You can reset your printer by using the power option, resetting the ink levels, or running a hard reset. You can perform a hard reset when the printer error seems to be constant. How to perform all the reset options? Read the complete information below.

Different Ways to Reset Your Canon Printer

Power Reset Canon Printer:

When having any printing-related issue, always start with power reset options to clear the communication issue. To power reset, unplug your printer and disconnect all the cords. Now power plug in your printer and reconnect the cables. Run a test document from your printer to check the result.

Ink Level Reset Canon Printer:

When the ink level shows incorrect reading and printers don’t update the ink level. You can reset the ink level of your printer manually. To reset your printer manually, go to the STOP/RESET/RESUME option; hold the button for few seconds so that printer can continue without any error.

Hard Reset on a Canon Printer:

When your printer shows constant error, you can go ahead with hard reset options. Hard reset brings your printer to default settings.

  • Go to the stop button and hold it till the alarm sequence begins.
  • After the alarm flashes 19 times, release the button to restore the factory default setting.
  • Now uninstall your printer and re-install it.
  • The printer will act as a new printer after performing the hard reset.

How do I reset my Canon printer? Reading the above information, you can reset your Canon printer anytime. In case If you still face the same problem. You can connect with the technician team using the numbers available online.

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