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What is a sales management application?

Travelize December 16, 2021

In this blog, we’ll deeply understand what is sales management application is, the importance, and the implementation into your business. This is basically for the companies with field employees.

What is Sales Management Application

Sales Management Application is a cloud-based platform that helps to increase productivity. The sales manager can keep track of field employees like current location, meeting, distance traveled, attendance, and more.

Why Sales Management Application is important?

It’s difficult to keep tracking the work status of field employees’ that’s when the sales management app came. They provide a dashboard to the sales manager to keep the employee work status. With this, you can check assign and scheduled meetings, travel claims, and more. This helps the organization in many different ways.

Benefits of Sales Management Application

  1. Save Time:- It’s very hectic to call your executive to call every time for work status. This provides transparency between manager and employee, also it builds trust towards employees. You can save time in calling everyone, with this you’ll get a clear vision.
  2. Travel claims:- With this, you can see the time and distance traveled by the field employees for meetings, and also bills can be submitted easily this helps in travel claims. It also acts as an employee monitoring app.
  3. Cloud storage:- you will get cloud storage with encrypted security. The data are easily accessible with secured backup, now you don’t have to worry about losing data.
  4. Customized:- Dashboard can be customized as per the requirement like you can add and remove modules. Id and passwords forever user.
  5. Dashboard:- Dashboard gives you the complete report like battery level & signal strength, work status notification, and more. It also helps in real-time monitoring using GPS and acts as an employee attendance software for managing attendance and leave as well because you can get instant approval from the manager for leave.
Top 5 Sales Management Application
  1. Travelize
  2. Fieldez
  3. Connectmyworld
  4. Daytrack
  5. Chaseappweb

Sales Management Applications became popular and essential tools for every organization. Think about your team and organization and then look for the best app. Travelize is a leading employee location monitoring app that assists the organization to manage employee work activities, recording attendance, tracking employee location, managing leads, claim travel expenses.

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