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What is an oriental rug, and why should it be cleaned often?

alinabeths April 2, 2021

When you want to convert your home into an oriental wonderland or want your house to be converted into a set of Aladin, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

A rug!! But it is not just your regular rug; it is the Oriental rug that oozes royalty. Oriental rugs can be classified by silk material, finer weaving, and intricate designs. Commonly, Oriental rugs are weaved using bright colors but can be found in lighter shades of brown as well.

People often love the idea of oriental rug adorning their houses but often take a step back when it comes to cleaning. The reason behind this is a regular vacuum cleaner cannot clean it. That’s where oriental rug cleaning service McKinney, TX and green steam carpet cleaning McKinney, TX come into play. The expert carpet and rug cleaning services come well equipped with the resources needed for cleaning.

But many of us don’t know what an oriental rug is? Or how is it different from the Persian rug? Or even why do we need to get it professionally cleaned?

So we have curated the perfect answers to your questions with the help of the experts of oriental rug cleaning service McKinney, TX and green steam carpet cleaning McKinney, TX.

What is an Oriental rug?

Oriental rugs are exported from oriental countries, including India, Turkey, Tibet, Persia, Iran, etc. It is made from a variety of materials like wool, cotton, silk and has unique patterns. The rich colors are also a significant indicator of the oriental rug. A good quality Oriental rug can horizontally or vertically hand-loomed. The finer the weaving and hand looming, the expensive the oriental rug is.

Difference between Persian rugs and Oriental Rugs!

People often get confused between the oriental rug and the Persian rug. The first and most significant difference is that all Persian rugs are oriental rugs, but not all oriental rugs are Persian rugs.

Persian rugs are more expensive than other oriental rugs because they are antique pieces and were brought to the USA before trade sanctions imposed on Iran (modern-day Persia) in 1987. Persian Rugs follow the knot style of weaving. You can find the knot per square if you look closely. Another striking feature of the Persian rugs that set them apart from other oriental rugs is that the front and bottom are exactly identical; you will find zero difference.

How to get the Oriental rugs cleaned?

As mentioned before, regular vacuuming does not clean the oriental rugs completely. Even if you use a broom and keep your rug away from the sunlight, it is of little or no use. SO you need to call the professional carpet and rug cleaners to clean the oriental rugs. There many other reasons to call professional carpet and rug cleaners. A few of the reasons are

  1. Products Used

Products used for oriental rug cleaning are different from other carpet cleaning products or regular cleaning products. The professional first identifies the rug material and then suggests the best-suited product based on their identification result.

  • Dirt Removal

Experts have proper dirt removal vacuum cleaners suited for the oriental rugs, and they also have helpers who handpick the dust. You have to gently use a vacuum cleaner and then handpicks the minute dust that is left.

  • Hand washing and Brush cleaning

Oriental rugs cannot be washed and cleaned using machines or highly advanced heavy power cleaning carts. So there are times when the team has to hand wash the rug and then use a brush to separate the dirt out of it. Also, when the oriental rug is wet, it becomes 10 times heavier than its original weight. So, it will be difficult to pick the rug and then move it here and there.

  • Dye Run

There are many instances where the owners of the oriental cleaners decided to take the cleaning into their hands and ended up with a discolored rug. So, the professionals use the products that prevent any kind of dry run. They also use a heat blower to dry out the oriental rug immediately since it can’t be taken outside in the sun. The sunlight will accelerate the color fading process.

Thus all you need to know about the oriental rugs and how to clean them. Also, now we hope that you can differentiate between oriental and Persian rugs. If you don’t find the date of manufacture on the Persian rug, just know something fishy is going on.

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