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What is Child PA Cover Policy & Why is it Necessary?

michealanderson February 11, 2020

According to a report published by the World Health Organisation (WHO), nearly 9.5 Lakh children and teenagers globally fall victim to fatal injuries and violence. In approximately 90% of such cases, these fatalities are unintentional. WHO also cited that a majority of these incidents were noted in developing countries like India.

While these numbers represent the instances of fatality in children, millions more suffer from post-accident complications such as a permanent partial disability or some form of a health hazard that has far-reaching implication beyond their childhood. The World Health Organisation recorded roadside accidents, drowning, falls, and fire-related burns as some of the leading causes of accidents concerning children below the age of 20.

Injuries, effects of which go beyond recuperation, can later exhibit major health complications and compromise the child’s future of a healthy life. Proper and prompt medical treatment in such instances becomes quintessential. Some of the best child health insurance plans in India can cover the extensive costs related to standard treatment to alleviate any financial stress which might prevent families to seek quality medical attention.

What is a child health insurance policy?

Child health insurance plans are specifically designed by financial institutions to address the financial obligations related to medical treatment which might arise due to unintentional causes. It addresses the various phases of recuperation from hospitalisation to medications. Parents can opt for Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions such as a Child Personal Accident Cover offered by Bajaj Finserv.

Why are child health insurance plans in India necessary?

Taking a microscopic view of children and injuries while keeping the focus on India, there are multiple studies which conclude that injuries to children have led to significant financial loss for families for more reasons than just expensive healthcare. In a developing economy such as India, such losses can take a significant toll on the family and can further compromise necessary financial standing to maintain a proper standard of living. Thus, it becomes necessary to avail adequate monetary aid in the form of best health insurance for a child to avoid falling into a debt trap or loss while also facilitating a child’s quality treatment.

To further bolster the available financial aid, parents can also consider a monsoon cover policy to cover any costs which might occur due to accidents during the rainy season. As cited by the World Health Organisation, falls from a height are a major cause of accidents and injuries in children. Depending on the severity of such a fall, medical implications might prove considerably threatening to a child’s well-being. While minor injuries account for a majority of medical repercussions caused due to falls, the probability of severe complications is comparatively lower. On that account, it is essential to secure the best child health insurance plan at reasonable premiums to avoid any financial stress when addressing a child’s healthcare requirements.

How to apply for child health insurance plans in India?

Financial institutions have significantly eased the process of applying for an insurance policy through their official internet portals. Parents can visit the site of their preferred insurance aggregator to apply. Individuals should duly scour the websites of several financial institutions to check the coverage quantum. Also, they should take into consideration the promptness of coverage provided by them and the procedure to claim before deciding on a certain insurance aggregator. It is crucial to opt for the best insurance for a child to ensure prominent and convenient coverage.

Parents can subscribe to a specific insurance policy by filling the necessary application form and paying the first premium. They can pay the premium digitally using any accepted payment method.

How to raise a claim?

Raising a claim depends on the insurance aggregator an individual has chosen. Regardless, in most cases, the best child health insurance plans come with a convenient and simple claiming procedure wherein the concerned individual can either dial up the toll-free number of such insurer or message to initiate the claims process.

It is vital to read the terms and conditions of coverage as mentioned in the policy as well as the exceptions. It is also just as important to refer to a leading financier to avail the most comprehensive insurance plan which also comes with respective financial coverage.

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