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What is packaging design and how to use it in your business

geovanecsn3 October 23, 2020

Packaging design

Design is a unique field of knowledge and full of potential. It is through it that a series of products, services and companies receive visual, functional, ergonomic and usability improvements. We have already talked about it here on the blog, but today we will go deeper into a specific field of this area of expertise: What is packaging design and how to use it in your business. The packaging makes the difference in customized products such as evangelica t-shirt

This is the part of design responsible for finding functional, practical and attractive solutions for the packaging of the most diverse types of products, from food (how many of us are able to recognize a Nutella pot at a distance?), to cleaning products, hygiene and dozens of other categories.

Learn more about this important work and see how it can influence the whole purchasing process:

What is packaging design and how to use it in your business?

Why is it so important?

Many times, the first contact of a consumer with a brand happens at the selling point, when that certain product is exposed together with many others of its main competitors. The brand has, then, little time to pass a message, to create a positive image of that product and to convince the possible client that it is, in fact, the best choice. And how? Through a packaging that is beautiful, impacting, that presents the information with clarity and that stands out – besides, it is very important, also, that it protects the product.

A research of the National Confederation of Industries has shown that 75% of the companies that invested on design had sales increase. It is the old maxim: the first impression is the one that stays. And a good packaging can say a lot and define the success of a product in a market each time more competitive – see what the Brazilian Packaging Association says about this.

How the packaging design has evolved along the years?

As every area of knowledge, packaging design is also subject to constant improvements, and the amount of new possibilities and solutions that technology offers is nearly infinite. That’s why, each year, professionals of the area presents more efficient, economic, less aggressive packaging to the environment.

A good example of this is the Brazilian brand Natura, which offers cosmetics of excellent quality on reusable and recyclable packaging, with great visual accuracy. It is a combination of characteristics that enchants the consumer and dialogues with the current needs of each one – and of the planet.

It is each company’s responsibility to take care of so that its products (and its packaging) follows the advances and gets better each time. Another interesting example is the famous Leite Moça, whose can has suffered small changes over the years, without losing its essence.

What does the consumer looks for on the selling point?

Write down some essential information for your business: many researches show that 70% of the buying decisions are made at the selling point. This means that, in the vast majority of cases, the consumer leaves home without knowing which product to buy. And what is packaging design in this moment? guides this choice, mainly, is the packaging which is presented on the display window, on the shelf or, on more current days, on the online sales page.

Even that it is not conscious of this, the major consumers looks for packaging that translates values such as practicality, quality, convenience and beauty. These are attributes that say a lot about the product and if the chosen design translates these characteristics, the consumer will pay more attention to that item and, most probably, choose it at the time of purchase.

Many times, also, the packaging has the capacity of creating emotional bonds with potential consumers: either through a predominant color, an image, a phrase. The client identifies with the essence of the brand and that’s it, guaranteed success! That’s why the process of developing a packaging should involve people with experience and knowledge, and be treated with great attention and care.

How to differentiate yourself from the competitors?

Of course, there is no success recipe, no magic formula, no miracle. To construct a packaging that be unique and that awakens the consumer’s buying desire, it is necessary to work.

The main point is to establish a partnership (preferably, long term) with a qualified professional. The more you work together, the more he will be inside the differentials of the company and of the product, and the better he will get to work these concepts on the packaging.

Another essential point is the knowledge: it is necessary to see what is being done on the market (national and international), what works and what not, which are the packaging design solutions that are being developed by those who most understand the subject. And, no doubt it is indispensable to listen to the public: researches with consumers to understand which are their preferences, what pleases and what doesn’t, which are the expectations, are overcome and help a lot on the construction process.

It is possible, also, to realize test groups to evaluate how a packaging already created will be received – it goes to the market after this evaluation, with the eventual adjustments already realized.

And what do you gain with this?

If you haven’t perceived yet what is packaging design for your company, pay attention to this: Besides increasing your sales, you can save a lot of money. This is because the specialized professionals are on the inside of what is best in terms of materials, finishing and a series of other details that can influence the final price of your packaging.

Packaging designers have a lot of research on how to better use paper, how to choose the best format and, even when they don’t have a ready answer, it’s part of the job to find the best ways for the customer. The initial investment has its return much earlier than expected – and that goes for the entire design chain, as we speak here.

It’s simple. Understand your product, research your competitors and get ready to create an exceptional system. Take advantage of all the tools that packaging design offers you and gain more and more space on the market. And remember: it’s very important to use this rich means of communication to tell your customer a story. Therefore, offer the information with objectivity and clarity and enchant by the details, the care and an impeccable set. Get to work!

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