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What is Sitemap and types of Sitemap?

speedexind November 23, 2021

The sitemap is a file that contains all web pages of a website. Sitemap file is for both user and search engine. In other words, a Sitemap file is a map that contains information on all resources on a website. It helps users and search engines, to easily explore a website for their required object.

Types of Sitemap File

There are two types of sitemap files first is the sitemap.xml and the second one is the sitemap.html. Sitemap.xml is for search engines and sitemap.html is for users of websites.

What is an HTML Sitemap?

HTML sitemap file is a map that contains information about website resources and their location. This sitemap file is primarily for users to assist them to find their desired item on the website or to explore a website easily.

What are XML Sitemaps?

XML sitemap file stores information about all pages of a website in a pre-defined format. This format is not understandable by users but search engines understand what is written in it and the purpose of writing.

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