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What is Vipassana Meditation and How to Practice It?

curtisrogers877 March 26, 2021

Vipassana Meditation, also known as Insight Meditation, is a Buddhist and Indian meditation technique used to improve mindfulness. It is the practise of paying constant attention to sensations in order to see the true nature of existence. It is thought to be the meditation practise taught by the Buddha himself, and while the exact form of the practise varies, it is the foundation of all Buddhist meditation traditions.

Vipassana’s goal is to help us understand the true nature of our experiences. The Buddha found 2500 years ago that the only reliable antidotes to dissatisfaction and suffering are knowledge, wisdom, and virtue. He claimed that our happiness is not dependent on ever-changing external conditions. We will find that fulfilment and joy are our true nature by looking inwards. Understanding, morality, and knowledge, according to the Buddha, constitute the entire path to awakening. The path to insight is Vipassana meditation, which is unique to Buddhism. The meditation technique itself isn’t based on orthodoxy. As a result, Vipassana is a powerful meditation technique that can be used by people of all faiths, including those who don’t believe in anything at all.

The main Buddhist meditation methods are traditionally presented in two ways: mindfulness on the one hand, and awareness or insight meditation on the other. Samatha and vipassana are the traditional terms for these practises.

The experience of vipassana is built on the foundation of samatha. The word vipassana means “conscious practise” or “insight meditation.” We can use this ability to explore the characteristics of self, consciousness, and our perception of things once the mind has become comfortable with being mindful and letting go of distractions. It’s a form of meditation that’s more active and inquisitive than samatha or mindfulness. We need the assistance of an authentic teacher who can help us understand the technique and identify our strengths and learning curves in order to practise vipassana in a way that can lead to profound insights about ourselves and our world.

Attending a vipassana meditation online courses retreat may be just what you need to free yourself from all sorts of disappointment and plant the seeds of wisdom. Vipassana meditation allows us to see our minds clearly, allowing us to “know ourselves.” The goal is to gradually experience the depths of a mind that is free of obstacles, rather than to control it. Vipassana purifies the mind, freeing it from suffering and the deep-seated causes of suffering, allowing us to experience peace and harmony. The practise leads to the highest spiritual goal of complete liberation from all mental defilements as it progresses.

Vipassana is a method that leads to freedom from all suffering by removing craving, intolerance, and ignorance, which are the root causes of all our problems. Those who practise it gradually remove the root causes of their suffering, gradually emerging from the darkness of previous tensions to live happy, healthy, and productive lives.

If you’d prefer to practice and try vipassana meditation, are some steps on how to practice it:

  • Make time to practise for 10 to 15 minutes. It is suggested that you practise Vipassana first thing in the morning.
  • Choose a location that is peaceful and free of distractions. An empty room or a secluded location outside are both excellent options.
  • Take a seat on the ground. In a comfortable stance, cross your legs. Straighten your back, engage your core, and relax your entire body.
  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Concentrate on your natural breathing and how it makes you feel.
  • Pay attention to each inhale and exhale. Observe, without responding or judging, your emotions, feelings, and sensations.
  • If you become distracted, simply notice it and return your attention to your breathing.
  • When you first begin, aim to do this for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Work up to 15 minutes or longer of Vipassana meditation as you get used to it.

Vipassana is a straightforward, practical approach for achieving true peace of mind and leading a joyful, productive life. Vipassana literally means “to see things as they are.” It’s a rational method of mental cleansing based on self-observation. However, we explore our own experiences with impartiality and openness during our meditation practise. This can lead to life-altering insights as well as an ever-increasing sense of warmth and kindness in our hearts. Other than this benefit, Vipassanameditation offers various uncountable benefits. A few of them are:

  1. It increases the mind’s motivation, determination, patience, and serenity levels.
  2. Vipassana meditation, in addition to reducing stress, may also assist with anxiety reduction.
  3. Vipassana’s stress-relieving properties may help with other aspects of mental health.
  4. Meditation, especially Vipassana meditation, can help increase brain plasticity.
  5. It provides the wisdom to overcome both physical and mental pain.
  6. The primary goal of Vipassana is self-liberation. This is a state in which you recognise and are fully aware of your true self.
  7. Many people have used Vipassana to help them overcome unhealthy cravings and addictions, such as alcohol and smoking addictions.
  8. It improves one’s intelligence by allowing them to comprehend the fundamentals of reality as well as the fundamentals of daily life.

Many of our daily activities can be used to practise mindfulness and awareness meditation. Our actions, thoughts, feelings, and emotions, no matter how pleasant or unpleasant, can be used as meditation objects. Again, this type of meditation takes time to master, and the full benefits can only be realised if the meditator is dedicated and has a trustworthy guide. If you are beginner, then courses for meditation is the best option for you.

MindEasy’s Vipassana Meditation Online Course is really great and preferred by many people. In their courses, the techniques are taught step-by-step each day in the 22-day meditation course. With the help and guidance of MindEasy’s online vipassana meditation course, you can manage your anxiety, heighten your awareness, gain equanimity and enjoy all the other benefits that this meditation offers. With their proper teaching of techniques, vipassana meditation can be very effective and beneficial for you.

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