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What is W3C validation and why is it important?

speedexind December 17, 2021

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Validation

We’ve established that there’s a “rule-book” that defines how we write HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other web pages and ensures that we do a good job, right? Well, just like a spoken language, the computer languages we use all have their own grammar, vocabulary, and syntax, which means they can be written incorrectly if the rules are not followed.

When we say we write “W3C valid code” or “our websites pass W3C validation,” we mean that the code we write and the websites we develop will pass W3C validation tests with flying colors since our syntax and “grammar” are correct. It indicates we wrote fantastic code that was properly executed.

It’s just a long way of stating that W3C Validation is a check to see if we’re following the rules!

The W3C provides a tool to test websites, which can be accessed at We utilize this technology on all of our websites to provide insight as we work on them and, more importantly, after they’ve been launched.

Why Validate a Website with the W3C?

W3C validation is the process of examining the code of a website to see if it adheres to the formatting requirements. If you don’t evaluate your website’s pages by W3C standards, you’ll almost certainly have errors or low traffic as a result of poor formatting and readability.

  • Assist in the improvement of search engine rankings
  • Validation Aids in the Teaching of Best Practices
  • A better user experience on the website
  • Make Web Browsers More User-Friendly
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Validation Support for Simple Coding and Upkeep
  • Validation as a Tool for Debugging

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