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What Makes Horned Frogs An Exceptional Pet?

jamjamexotic October 18, 2021

Horned Frogs, also known as man frogs, hail from South America, and they eat birds, insects, mice, and almost all creatures. They have grown to be popular as exotic pets. Thus, many supplies are offering Chaco horned frogs for sale at reasonable prices. You can also buy and keep them as pets if you like frogs.

But before doing that, you need to know what makes horned frogs an exceptional pet?

Here are the key reasons:


They are amphibians with extremely broad jaws and round bodies. The horned frogs have short legs that make them look different from other frogs and are not efficient in jumping. The female horned frogs are larger than the males.

The amphibians usually have white/yellow underbellies with limbs in different color combinations, including various shades of browns, yellows, and greens.


The horned Pacman frog encloses itself inside the resilient outer skin layer if the surroundings get too dry. They stay fully still, so people think they are dead.

After they get rehydrated, they shed and ingest their resilient exterior skin layer. As horned frogs are aggressive, they catch prey with their broad mouths. They are also patient and hide in greeneries until they see something edible. Once they see edibles, the frogs catch and swallow meals using their teeth.


They build their habitat in wet and humid forest grounds full of debris. Before checking out Chaco horned frogs for sale, create a pleasant environment for them using pure damp soil and moist moss.

Ensure your frog’s enclosed damp is not excessively wet. Otherwise, bacteria can grow and cause illness to your pet. Don’t use pine or soil bark mulch as it dries out from the top, and thus, you need to add moisture to it.

Use a spray bottle once every day to give a mild most to your horned frog. Clean their enclosure thoroughly two times a month as that controls the bacteria growth. The thorough cleaning also prevents the fecal element buildup and decreases ammonia issues.

Add a mini bowl of water in the frog’s enclosure so they can drink and splash a little in the surroundings but never drown. If the enclosure is mostly dry, then they tend to hang out in the watery food. Include a few plants around the enclosure so your horned Pacman frog feels protected.

Check that your pet’s enclosure is approximately 82 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and reduced to approx 78 degrees Fahrenheit at night. Pick an under-tank heater to increase the container’s heat as a bulb tends to dry out their skin.

The Bottom Line

So, now you know the key reasons that make horned frogs an exceptional pet. Keep these discussed things in mind when you buy and keep them in your home as pets.

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