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What Makes Schneider’s MCB Stand Out?

Schneider August 24, 2021

Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) are some of the most frequently used electrical components. It operates on electromagnetic principles and is widely used as a safety measure while dealing with electrical circuits.

MCBs are primarily installed across electrical circuits to prevent short-circuits and excessive amounts of electricity from entering electrical devices during a sudden power surge. In addition, it can prevent electrical accidents like fires and electrocutions.

During a sudden power surge, excessive electricity flows through the circuit which can damage electrical appliances. When there is an excess of electrical charge flowing through the circuit, it triggers the MCB, which immediately trips, breaking the circuit. This stops excess electricity from entering and damaging the electrical appliance.

Schneider Electric has exciting offers on various MCB models – from household to industrial-grade MCBs. These MCBs differ from each other depending on their capacity and poles. MCBs distributed by Schneider Electric have always been held in the greatest esteem by frequent users.

But what really makes Schneider Electric’s MCB stand out? Let’s find out:

  • Schneider Electric’s MCBs offer greater safety and service in terms of low voltage DIN rail systems.
  • They provide complete security from electrical surges, overloads, and atmospheric surges during thunderstorms.
  • The MCBs have been redesigned to provide better insulation for the safety of the operators.
  • They come with Reflex iC60 and VISI-Trip to reduce their reaction time to provide instant protection during electrical surges and meltdowns.
  • The flexible, optimized design is hugely preferred by clients. It also has superior adaptability to suit every kind of users’ requirements.
  • The innovative design comes with amazing durability, making it resistant to most chemicals and natural forces.
  • Compact indication, interfacing, and control for easy handling.
  • If you are worried about the MCB cost, Schneider Electric offers them at a reasonable price. Moreover, Schneider Electric’s MCBs have been designed with the experience gathered over 40 years, making them extremely trustworthy and reliable.
  • When it comes to environmental awareness, Schneider Electric’s MCBs empower users towards a cleaner and greener future with its eco-friendly components and design. All the components of Schneider Electric’s MCB are reusable and recyclable.
  • Schneider Electric’s MCBs can be easily installed across all kinds of electrical circuits and devices. They provide long-lasting durability and absolute protection from electrical damages.
  • Their MCBs can be used for every kind of household and commercial electrical appliance, as well as for industrial facilities.
  • The MCB switch offered by Schneider Electric comes with all kinds of innovative features including remote control, programming, signaling, as well as regulation.


Schneider Electric has always remained a popular choice among regular users of electrical appliances and components. Pioneering in the domain of electrical solutions and requirements, Schneider Electric has been devoted to improving sustainability and efficiency, ensuring an overall improvement in the use of energy and resources.

It is with the same aim that it offers to its customers, attractive deals on the modular MCB switch, and on other electrical components for household, commercial, and industrial-grade requirements.

You can look into MCBs like Acti9 C120, Acti9 iK60, Acti9 C60, and NG125 MCBs, and buy MCB online from the Schneider Electric store. Schneider Electric is the one-stop destination for all your electrical requirements and needs. Visit for more information.

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