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What questions to ask before hiring cleaning services London?

ryannesham407 September 9, 2021

People that hire cleaners come from various walks of life or are highly busy in their professional lives. However, you will find that the majority have busy lives, working longer hours or from afar. Therefore, having professional services for cleaning your home is an investment because it allows you to appreciate the limited free time you have. Customers appreciate the few extra hours they save by not having to clean their homes. So, it is best to hire professional and reliable cleaning services London. Professional cleaning firms also offer end of tenancy cleaning in London.

Moreover, if you have pets, you will likely have many pet hair and paw prints on your floors. Therefore cleaning them is essential. If you have children, it’s usually ensuring their rooms and the living areas are dusted and vacuumed. You’ll probably want your furniture shined and your pillows straightened and tidied if you have a lot of it.

At specific events, such as when you have visitors over or when your children return from university, you may not want every room cleaned every visit. The point is that each customer’s residence and requirements are unique. Good cleaning firms are aware of this and will customize their services to your specific needs if you ask.

Here are some questions that you should ask from professional cleaners

This article includes all of the crucial questions that you must ask before hiring any cleaning services London. This way you can hire the best and quality services.

How long has the company been in operation?

Starting a cleaning company requires little more than good intentions and a mop and bucket, but running a competent, long-term business requires far more. As a result, the industry’s failure rates are astonishing. Within the first year, half of all companies will fail. Nearly 90% of businesses will have permanently closed their doors by the end of the fifth year.

Furthermore, this isn’t to imply you should not hire a freshly created company. However, the longer a company has existed, the more likely it will continue to live in the future.

Are they covered by insurance? What if something in your house breaks or is damaged?

It is critical to have adequate insurance. An uninsured firm will undoubtedly be less expensive. Still, when the finish on your hardwood floors is eaten away, your stainless steel appliances are scratched. Also, your grandmother’s vase is destroyed. They will also be unable to pay you, leaving you to foot the price.

Moreover, always double-check insurance coverage with the company’s insurer. A written policy on methods for dealing with breakage/damage should ideally be in place. Please make a request to see it.

cleaning services London
Is all of their staff covered by workers’ compensation insurance?

Workman’s compensation is required by law for all employees, but few cleaning companies comply because it is so costly. If a cleaner is wounded in your house, you are putting yourself in danger of a lawsuit. Because you are officially their employer, the risk is considerably higher with an independent cleaner.

What method do they use to pre-screen their employees?

Is a reference check performed by the company? Do they check the criminal background? Are they keen/eager to back up their claims with evidence? Is the cleaning person to give you a copy of their own background check at their expense if they are self-employed?

Unfortunately, many independent house cleaners start cleaning because they can’t find another job because of a previous criminal record.

What is the content of their training program?

The business has a high turnover rate, and many services are desperate for warm individuals to toss out there and get the job done. It is not uncommon for new employees to receive very little or no training.

Moreover, formal, recorded, and ongoing training programs will be found in the most significant firms. This ensures excellent consistency and reduces the turnover of cleaning employees in your home.

What if you’re dissatisfied with their cleaning services?

If you are dissatisfied with a cleaning service, some offer a percentage off your next service. Why would you want to hire them again if you are disappointed and refuse to solve it? A quality provider should return promptly and do whatever is necessary to resolve the issue or be willing to refund your money.

Who is accountable for providing the necessary equipment and supplies?

Look for a business that has all of its own supplies and equipment. Employees familiar with and educated to utilize items (Windex on granite countertops, green scrub pads on stainless steel stoves, etc.) are less likely to misuse them.

Additionally, because of the large volume of products needed in thorough cleaning, buying supplies for your cleaner can easily add hundreds of dollars per year to your total cleaning fee. Cleaning Services London | Hello Cleaners.

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