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What Should You Do To Keep Dentures In Place?

signaturesmilesdental September 9, 2021

To replace multiple teeth altogether, dentists prefer dentures. According to them, dentures are the best bet and most affordable type of cosmetic dentistry. The dentures are like a removable prosthetic, which is conveniently impermanent and can be used whenever necessary. You don’t have to wear them like veneers or other cosmetic dentistry options.

Dentures resemble natural smiles as much as possible and last for decades if taken care of properly. But, the biggest problem with dentures is they don’t stay in place over years. Dentures keep falling out without even touching. And this creates a huge problem for the users.

In this post, we will discuss a few simple tips to keep dentures in place.

You should use a denture adhesive 

Just like you use adhesive to stick other things, you should use adhesive to fix the dentures. You will adhesive, especially for fixing dentures in the market. The denture adhesive comes in the form of creams, liquids, and powders.

The adhesive mixes with saliva that causes the dentures to puff up and adheres to the gums. You should adhesive in a small quantity because too much adhesive will make the dentures harder to move. And, it might impact your natural teeth and gums.

You should clean the dentures every day 

Though dentures are not fixed, you should clean them. Just like your natural teeth, you should include this in your daily routine. Cleaning of the dentures should be specific and in-depth.

For cleaning your dentures, you should use a soft-bristled toothbrush. This type of brush will remove the leftover food debris and plaque gently. If you leave these particles behind, it will lead to gum disease. Most importantly, you shouldn’t use toothpaste to clean your dentures as you use it for your natural teeth.

You should eat wisely and speak wisely 

With dentures in your mouth, you should learn to eat wisely and speak slowly. It’s because talking or eating quickly or forcefully will dislodge the dentures. It will take time but you should practice hard to get it right. You should start slowly and get to your normal speed gradually.

After getting dentures, you should stick to a soft food diet for the first few days. After you are comfortable, you should try cutting hard food items. One important thing, you should chew your food evenly with both sides of your mouth.

You shouldn’t wear the dentures to bed

There isn’t any problem in wearing your dentures to sleep if you are comfortable with them same. But sometimes, you will come across dentists who are against it. They don’t advise wearing dentures when sleeping.

Throughout the day, the gums and jawbones withstand the pressure of holding your dentures in place all day. If you don’t wear the dentures at night, it will help your gums and jawbone to rest. Removing the denture at night will give your mouth some much-needed recovery time.

You should soak your dentures in warm water 

After removing your dentures at night, you should soak them in warm water. You should use lukewarm or cool water and not hot water. Soaking the dentures in warm water will prevent them from losing their shape.

If the shape of your denture gets distorted, it will not fit your dental structure. And wearing the dentures will become difficult for you.

Dentures are the type of cosmetic dentistry, which improves your oral structure and gives you a beautiful smile. But if they fall, everything is spoiled. So, you should follow the tips discussed in this post to keep the dentures in place.

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