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What Should You Do To Move Heavy Furniture Safely?

dubaihousemovers September 20, 2021

The pieces of furniture are expensive. So, you won’t accept even a single scratch on them. But unfortunately, the furniture is prone to scratches and damages when moving, especially if it is heavy furniture. With small and lightweight furniture, things are a bit easier. You don’t have to make more efforts and they are carried away without any professional help.

The pieces of heavy furniture are not only difficult to carry but also chances of getting hurt are very high. So, we recommend hiring one of the best furniture movers in Dubai. The company has a team of experienced people who know how to deal with heavy furniture with ease. They know the packing and moving tricks, without causing any damage to the property.

In this post, we discuss a few important tips to move heavy furniture. 

Select your furniture smartly

Not all furniture is the same. Some are big but lightweight and vice versa. So, you should select the furniture smartly rather than simply packing up them all without thinking. The furniture movers in Dubai will help decide which items to carry and which items to leave behind. It’s because professionals know what is necessary for certain locations.

You should categorize your furniture. If any furniture is light and costly to replace, you should wrap it for transit. On the other hand, if anything is heavy and inexpensive to replace, you should sell, donate or dump it. It’s because moving with such items will increase your moving expenses. Lastly, if you have made up your mind to replace your old furniture and get something new, leave it.

Choose the mode of transport

You can move your furniture to the new location by using a shipping company, self-driving, or by hiring the best furniture mover in Dubai. But, the selection of the transport mode depends on your requirements and new location.

According to us, hiring a furniture moving company will be the easiest option for you. With a furniture moving company by your side, you will be relaxed. It’s because the professionals from the company will be responsible for loading, driving, and unloading. The cost will depend on the distance, the weight of the load, inclusion, and exclusion of packaging.

Working with a shipping company is an ideal option if have a lot of furniture and you are planning a long-distance move. Driving yourself comes with lots of problems. You will have to make a sensible estimate of fuel costs and consider many other things.

Disassemble the furniture properly 

Before loading, furniture disassembling is usually the last task. Moving heavy furniture without disassembling is a challenging process. Sometimes, it is impossible due to the weight. Disassembling will make a huge difference because the weight will reduce.

When disassembling, you should keep the nuts, bolts, screws, and washers in the right place because they have the habit of getting lost. Also, you should mark the parts of the furniture so that it’s easy to put the pieces back.

 You should follow the original instructions for a piece of furniture. And if you don’t have the original instruction, you should check them online. Lastly, you should collect all the tools used for dismantling furniture into a separate toolbox.

By following these tips, you will move your furniture easily and safely. But, you shouldn’t forget to hire one of the best furniture movers in Dubai.

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