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What You Need to Know About Sheet Metal Folding

claireholt November 10, 2020

Although the term sheet metal is not properly defined yet but according to the definitions; 

“Inclusive cold process of metal sheets (normally below 6mm) that includes shearing, punching cutting, folding, riveting, splicing forming, i.e., car body, etc. is referred to as sheet metal.”

To understand it clearly, differentiating it from sheet metal folding is necessary.

What is Sheet Metal Folding 

It can be defined as a metal forming process that involves applying a force onto a piece of sheet metal, which causes it to bend at an angle and transform it into the desired shape. The operation causes deformation along one axis, but a series of numerous different processes can be applied to create a complex part. However, the size of parts varies from quite small, e.g., a bracket to 20 feet in length, e.g., a large enclosure or chassis.

Bending and forming manufacturing technologies also involve the folding of sheet metal. This causes the folding of a surface part of sheet metal.

As the term “sheet metal folding” is already defined. It is also noteworthy that it is a manufacturing process that shapes up the sheet metal to the desired form, such as thin, semi-finished metal products. The process is successively used to create profiles, more precisely, folded profiles.

Moreover, during folding, the bending process is performed alongside the sheet metal folding that goes along the bending line’s entire length.

Contingentupon the material properties, a more advanced folding involves abundant plastic deformability.That way, we can more precisely define the process of folding as; 

“A cold forming process causes the plastic change of the shape of sheet metal parts along straight lines, concurrently over the entire length”.

Fundamentals of Folding Process 

As you have known that the folding of sheet metals involves several forming procedures. It must also be added that there are diverse modes of operation. 

One operation that connects all modes is that with pressure, the work piece is bent around one or more straight edges of a tool. Press brakes, folding benches, or folding machines are the machine tools used for this purpose.

The work piece is fastened along the edge to be produced in free bending without a die. At right angles, a punch moves past the clamp to the sheet surface. In bending, the plate is bent around the folding wing opposite the punch. Likewise, the process of folding is performed. The only dissimilarityis that a folding wing rotates around the bending edge rather than a punch moving in a straight line. In this way, the gadget performs a movement resulting in a corresponding bending leg of the sheet metal profile.

Importance of Welding

It is essential to understand that the process of welding doesn’t only bond the two pieces together as in brazing and soldering, but also it causes the metallic structures of the two pieces to join together, making and functioning as one through the use of elevated temperature and sometimes the addition of other metals or gases.

Before you know the importance of welding, let us know your different types of welding service in Newcastle.

  • MIG welding or gas metal arc welding (GMAW)
  • TIG welding or gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW)
  • Stick welding or shielded metal arc welding (SMAW)
  • Flux welding or cored arc welding (FCAW)
  • Energy beam welding (EBW)
  • Atomic hydrogen welding (AHW)
  • Gas tungsten- arc welding
  • Plasma arc welding

Why Welding is Done  

Since the metal production industry has evolved, people want to have a clearer picture of the importance of welder or welding service. However, not everyone can get the depth of the welding industry, as this work requires many skills and training that come out to be an experience.

According to studies, approximately seventy-five precent of metal products used are made because of our welders, so they must be praised and appreciated. This indebtedness will boost the graph of welding service in Newcastle

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