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angelineghs January 15, 2022

NFL official website reporter Kimberly Jones reported that the giant and Beckham reached a consensus, the outer junction could not work with the team. Giants feel that there is no need to rush to let their best offensive players return to training.

Falcon New General Manager: Will always consider introducing new aid quarterMatt Ryan is expected to be at least quarter-free in 2021, but his presence should not prevent the team from considering a possible successor.

“You see (Former Green Bay Package General Manager) Ron Wolf. He has been introduced to quad-saving. You need to introduce quarter-saving, whether through draft or free market, or from unemployed players Chinese Taobao. It is important to introduce many quarters and then establish advantages. (Former Balmocus Colrow General Manager) Ozzie News Osome introduces the best player. These is the general manager of success, important It is a suitable 53-person lineup, but we have to introduce competition in each location. So we dare to continue to attract it in a strong position. But the two (Ryan and External Hand Hario Jones) really Very good, I am very excited to work with these players. “

Bronds scored 14 times in the super bowl, pushed 90 yards, got 1 Deta, helping the eagle 41-33 to win, and got the third super bowl ring in his career. This year, the eagle took Brunt, and he subsequently signed a year contract with the Detroit Neum.

Titan, a rookie, a rookie, Zulan, who attacked himSince 11 months, Tennessee Tamas, Taylor Lewan, was accused of attacking a fan of Ohio at the last game at home at Michigan, and La Wanli did not sin. . Now he has already accused crimes about the incidents of the incidents of their own two acts.

Laiwan is a 1-round show this year, as the team’s starting attack, left cut off. He has made a statement of self-discovery of himself to disrupt public security and drinking. His case was arranged in December 15, but it was expected to be probation.

Dedgs is a six-round show in 2015, and has come to 44 games in his career. She was started at the first 11 game last season, and the five-sense guards and strong side security guards were opened, and they completed 55 cockroaches, got a murder, 3 times, and 9 times destroyed.

This year’s break is about Beckham’s news has been around his injury and his hopes for the new contract. Cheap nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapoport This previous report that Beckbla will not step on the court without getting a new contract. Absence the team constructive to continue to make this threat to become a realistic possible.

In addition, the lions also signed the original patriots line to Mi Mi Michys – Frales Flowers, Flules and the current Lions coach Matt – Patt Patricia have been very familiar, The mill should not be too long.

Bronds said in the show: “I don’t like the way things end. I express my desire to leave your team. I will continue to cooperate with teammates, I will not be able to complete the contract. I think Not respected at all. “

In recent recently, the Falcon New General Manager Terry-Fang Na Not did not explicitly revealed how the team handed the four-guard position, and his statement showed that he would like to use the first round of draft selection. guard.

“Whether we are talking about the free player market or a draft, we will introduce the players for each location,” Fang Tainnot said. “We will reinforce the advantage. We will dare to reinforce the advantage. We will be in place for each location. Important is to compete. We want to have competitive culture, (coach) Arthur Smith has Say: We want to introduce intelligence, strong, very good, and suitable for this kind of culture. We will do this in every position, whether it is quadruping or taken outside. “

Ryan is amazing this year’s amazing salary & mdash; & mdash; accounted for more than $ 40 million salary space & mdash; & mdash; let him definitely be a rebellion for the Falcon, until the redundant salary space he occupied next year will be accepted. Falcon will consider giving up him.

Falcon with Ryan and Jones has the ability to reverse the fate of the team within a year. If the defensive group has made great progress and the star players are kept healthy, the Falcon has excellent players to become a strong team.

But the task of Fang Tainnot is to consider the future. Under ideal, the Falcon will never have the fourth shift of such a high selection right. This allows for the first time to serve as the general manager. He is a player who picks up a team that may immediately make up the team, or a quarter-saving that may not be played during the new season?

Similar to the prelude of the Falcon Board Arthur Blank, Fang Nañot believes that no players can’t touch, including Ryan or Jones. He also emphasized that the increase in competition in each location is crucial for team to reverse the record.

Plush is considered to extend the contract of PalmerAccording to NFL official website, Arizona Renary is preparing to talk to the team’s quartz Palmer discussing to extend the contract. Steve Kem (Steve Keim) was then confirmed by the General Manager of the Rock, and revealed that the team will provide a new contract for Parme. Kaim said: “I can’t disclose the details of the discussion, but we have already contacted his broker. Parmer’s performance is very good, he has done a lot for us.”

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