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What’s the difference in domestic & end of tenancy cleaning?

ryannesham407 July 7, 2021

End of tenancy cleaning is deep and detailed cleaning of any rental property. Every tenant is required to provide end of tenancy cleaning when they are leaving the property.

However, if you do not provide end of tenancy cleaning to your landlord then he will deduct some of the amounts from your deposit. That is why it is important to provide end of tenancy cleaning so that you can get your full deposit amount back.

End of tenancy cleaning basically makes sure that the property given back in its original standard condition. Landlords want to make sure that the property is completely cleaned so that they can allow the next tenant to move in instantly.

However, domestic cleaning is regular cleaning. It does not include any deep cleaning. Domestic cleaning is just normal cleaning of any property on daily basis.

That is why the end of tenancy cleaning and domestic cleaning are different types of cleaning. These cleaning types are different from each other.

Below are the differences in end of tenancy cleaning and domestic cleaning

It is very important to know the difference between both of these cleaning services. So that you will be able to demand your full deposit amount back. After reading this article you will be able to get to know about the differences in both of the cleaning services. In this article, every difference between these cleaning services is highlighted.

What is the end of tenancy cleaning?

First of all, you need to understand what the end of cleaning is.

End of tenancy cleaning is a deep cleaning of a rental property which you have to provide to get your full deposit back. Mostly end of tenancy cleaning is an offer or performed by professional cleaners. Because the end of tenancy cleaning includes a lot of cleaning tasks that you can’t do on your own. For these tasks, you need to hire professional cleaners. Professional cleaners are highly expert and have years of experience. They know how to provide quality end of tenancy cleaning services and also they know the importance of end of tenancy cleaning.

What is domestic cleaning?

Domestic cleaning is regular cleaning of the house which covers all of the chores around the house. One cleaner can easily perform the tasks of domestic cleaning. Because domestic cleaning is how you clean your residential home or property on daily basis. You do not need to hire any professional cleaning services for it.

Because it is not a thorough cleaning like the end of cleaning is a thorough cleaning.

There are two types of domestic cleaning

Regular domestic cleaning

It is a domestic cleaning that is done regularly, weekly, and fortnightly.

One-off domestic cleaning

It is that type of domestic cleaning in which professional domestic cleaners visit your property for once. This type is mainly best and ideal for spring cleaning, after a light renovation, and after-builders cleaning.

The difference in both services
Cleaning products

For the end of tenancy cleaning the professional cleaners bring only high quality cleaning detergents and chemicals. Because these high-quality products are ideal for removing any stain and also these types of cleaners are not usually available at home. These products can even remove stubborn stains from anywhere.

However, in regular domestic cleaning, only normal cleaners are used. In regular domestic cleaning, a cleaner also uses only those cleaning products which are already available at home.

Cleaning places

At end of tenancy cleaning the professional cleaners ensure that they will not leave any corner uncleaned. Professionals clean every corner and that corners too which are easy to forget while cleaning. These professional cleaners clean every area perfectly because they know the end of tenancy cleaning is a thorough cleaning. They also know how to cover every part or corner of the house.

While domestic cleaning is not a thorough cleaning. So not every corner or part of the house is supposed to cleaning. In domestic cleaning, the cleaner only cleans the main visible areas of the home.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning services of both types of cleaning is very different from each other. Below are all of the services which are included in domestic cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning.

End of tenancy cleaning

·        Cleaning of fridge and freezer.

·        Floor vacuuming.

·        Oven cleaning.

·        Upholstery cleaning.

·        Carpet cleaning.

·        Internal window cleaning.

Domestic cleaning

·        Wiping and dusting of only accessible surfaces.

·        Daily house chores.

·        Washing dishes

·        Changing and emptying bins.

·        Cleaning of toilets and showers.

Moreover, professionals charge the fixed rate for the end of tenancy cleaning and hourly rate for domestic cleaning. You can also hire professional cleaners for after building cleaning in London.

Hopefully, this article helps you in knowing about the differences in both cleanings. Now go and hire the best cleaning service such as Hello Cleaners for you according to your need.

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