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Which Electric Toothbrush Should You Buy?

Shashidas September 28, 2019

In a short time, the electric toothbrushes had an almost unexpected success, among other things a few years ago they were a niche product with a high cost while today they are accessible to everyone. We must also bear in mind that as always technology advances and there are models with truly incredible features.

Different categories of electric toothbrushes:

First of all, we see how many types of electric toothbrushes exist, in general in these shortlists we have also included similar products but which are not electric toothbrushes. They are as follows:

Electric battery-powered brushes:

They support the classic styles; the heads are interchangeable and offer performance with 4,500 oscillations per minute on average.

Electric toothbrushes with charging base:

They are recharged at current and the battery is integrated into the handle. Some models use a three-dimensional movement of oscillation, rotation, and pulsation, others that perform only two of these movements and others that instead of work according to a sonic technology with 30,000 movements per minute. These models often include a timer that indicates the time of use and often other functions.

Water jet:

It is a pulsating water jet to clean even the smallest food residues. The water container has a capacity of 500-600 ml


It is a set that includes the electric water jet and toothbrush. It represents an economic advantage for those who want to have both products. It is also advisable to ask dentist near me before you purchase.

Things to be kept in mind while buying electric toothbrush:

During the purchase of an electric toothbrush it is certainly important to know which head is supplied to you (sometimes more than one), check the features if it is the most suitable for you.

There, are many models and all with different peculiarities, from whitening teeth to move on to cleaning dental appliances. Remember also that not all electric toothbrushes support every type of brush head, the basic models only a limited number.


When you buy an electric toothbrush, you should know that the battery life varies depending on the model, the minimum is usually 5 days using yarn 2 times a day, while for charging it takes about 12 hours.

Unfortunately, those that feed through Ni-Mh batteries do not guarantee the same performance forever, after a couple of years it is easy to see a drop in performance. The only thing to know is that those of the most advanced products have greater power in the early times, but even these later will have a descending parabola.

Certainly, before buying, it is important to check if any LEDs indicate the state of charge, in this way we avoid having to pick up a toothbrush practically unloaded and usable only after 12 hours. Beyond this then evaluate the dimensions of the base, if you travel often it is good that it is not too bulky if instead you have more heads in the family choose a model that has accommodation for these, better if covered hygienically.

The timer function:

Is the most common one, this indicates that the 2 minutes of cleaning has passed. This is the recommended time for everyone, to be divided into 30 seconds per oral cavity. The base brushes warn us with a beep or vibration, but they cannot warn us when we need to change cavities. On the contrary, the more advanced ones tell us even when the 30 seconds have passed.

The pressure function:

It is the other most common function, practically it is a signal that indicates that we are doing too much pressure on the gums and therefore harmful. Some electric toothbrushes have a red light that turns on while others stop the heads, understanding which system is more functional depends a lot on personal preferences.


As anticipated the minimum of oscillations are of 7,600 per minute, but some toothbrushes can only make these numbers dull in front of their values. All the features are reported in the technical data of our reviews, where it is important to verify the oscillation speed and the number of pulsations.

At this point, we hope that the valuable information we have given you is sufficient for you to choose the electric toothbrush you need. Also this will lead you to have better oral health. If you are still confused which one is right, you can consult a dental hospital near me.

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