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Which is The Best Cloud Storage Service in 2020- Full Comparison

rebeccarogers11 September 2, 2020

The present decade is an efficacious succession in the terms of technology. Why don’t we glance over the epoch when informative data and figures used to get stored on tangible storage devices like USBs, CD’s or floppies. Undoubtedly, Information Technology has been fortuitously moving headway through the ladder of the World Wide Web. Nevertheless, the stretch has come where the user needs no tangible storage devices to store its accessible data of any kind.

Cloud Computing is a whole new whirl of the globe named as Informative Technology where the user can get easy access to its databases, joint-networks, servers and of course the stored data just with the access of the internet. 

Conversely, Cloud Storage is a branch of Cloud Computing, where the user’s data is stored over online storage servers which are forsooth based on the concepts of web-based interfaces. Uncomplicatedly, just a cloud storage account, and save your files regardless of their extension (doc/pdf/jpeg/mp4/mp3 and counting). The succeeding sections of the page are going to put some light on the five best Cloud Storage Services of the year.

One Drive

Another super successful apparatus of the mastermind Microsoft, OneDrive cloud storage arrives pre-installed in all Microsoft devices or the devices with Windows operating system. To all intents and purposes, One Drive’s 5 gigabyte storage access can be easily attained by signing up to Microsoft. Getting more deeper to the facts of economy, as per the user reviews on Microsoft Store, One Drive has been preferred more for professional or corporate uses than personal or home uses. On July 27, 2016; Microsoft reduced Onedrive storage capacity from 15GB to 5GB per account. In that case, using an uploaded premium account comes really handy. In addition to that, it also publicized that it will no longer be planning to provide unlimited storage access to Office 365 users.


From 782 Million users in 2016 to right at the slab of 850 million users in 2018, Apple’s very own cloud storage service iCloud manifested an elephantine hike in its usage. Introduced to its audience on October 11 2012, it is believed that iCloud is an inheritor to Apple’s MobileMe (data syncing service). Considering the delivery of services, iCloud enables its users to effectively shield their Apple device’s data by uploading it on the cloud. So, if by any probability the device is found corrupted, the user can effortlessly get back the access to its data. Coming to the capacity, this cloud storage service offers 5GB of free storage to its users. Woefully, the device’s data backup is only limited to Apple device users. 

Amazon Cloud Drive

Coming up with 5GB of free storage for its users on sign up, the Amazon Drive makes it entirely trouble-free to store and manage the user’s data. Jumping right to the drop-shop of the services, the Amazon Cloud Drive offers limitless storage capacity to its prime customers and the users owning a Kindle Fire device. As it happens, the cloud storage service also delivers the solutions to file backups and sharing in multiple devices. Although if you own a mac, you can always backup to an external hard drive as well.  In addition to this, the all-new Photo Printing service is delivered to its unlimited storage customers in some countries (US, Australia, Canada, Japan & European nations). 


Ranked as one of the most inestimable start-ups in the US, Dropbox set its foot in the market of cloud computing in the year 2007. With 2GB of free storage capacity to its users on sign up, Dropbox provides several resources that many cloud storages services might not. From as elementary as cloud storage, to as labyrinthine as file synchronization; the Dropbox is undoubtedly proficient for all of it. Going deeper into the ocean of facts, the Dropbox holds a five-star rating for privacy from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Google Drive

Exploding the cloud storage market with its introduction on April 24, 2012; Google Drive has been offering 15GB of storage capacity to its Google One users. In surplus to that; in terms of drop-shipping storage capacity, from as mighty as 15GigaBytes to as elephantine as 30TerraBytes (paid plans), it is evaluated as one of the most promising and efficient cloud storage service on the World Wide Web (based on user reviews on Google Play Store). Arriving back on the services; the drive access offers impeccable utilities like Google Docs, Google Slides & Google Sheets, where the user can easily publicize any piece of document on the internet. 


Documentation of the evaluation (based on user reviews, ratings and facts) of these Five Best Cloud Storage Services of 2020 end up concluding that the services, utilities and accessible resources offered by them to the users are effective, efficient and undoubtedly efficacious. Upgrade these performances further, with this article by FreeAccount. Moreover, the final decision of choice ends up within the hands of the user itself and its requisites.

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