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Which is The Perfect Time to Start Your Preparation for UPSC?

eliteiascoaching May 31, 2021

The first-time IAS candidates have one big doubt- Is it the ideal time to start preparing for the UPSC exam? Candidates who have a real interest in serving the country can appear for the IAS exam. Some aspirants also choose it for the recognition and prestige they can gain from becoming an IAS officer. A young candidate can grow his patriotic feelings at any age.

Some aspirants envisage a bright career during their school days. However, the IAS candidates mostly start preparation after pursuing the graduation course. Thus, on average, these candidates prepare for IAS when they are about 21-22. Some aspirants also find the inspiration to become an IAS officer at the age of 26-28. There are intelligent and hard-working candidates who have cracked the UPSC exam in their first attempt. That is why you cannot consider a particular age as the perfect time to begin your IAS preparation. But, the minimum age to appear for the exam is 21 years. At this age, you can get in touch with an online IAS coaching institute to learn about the question structure and syllabus.

IAS preparation during the school and college life

Students starting their preparation during their school life get ample time to strengthen their knowledge. However, there is no need to think too much about the preparation strategy. Although their goal must be IAS, they do not have to take high stress.

Similarly, college students can focus on their graduation courses and their chosen subjects. They can consider IAS as the secondary goal to ensure no compromise over the graduate study. It is better to be familiar with the UPSC syllabus and question pattern at this time. They will find it easier to prepare for the UPSC exam in the future years.

Should you start your UPSC preparation at a very early age?

Students whose family members work as civil servants get an advantage. They get instructions from the elders in the family. In most cases, students with this background start their preparation after appearing for the 10th class board exam. Thus, they think of IAS at the age of 16. As they have started preparation at an early age, they can make their foundation stronger. They read NCERT textbooks helpful for the UPSC Exam. You may claim that it can hamper the normal learning process in academic life. But, you have to maintain a balance in your preparation. The most important thing is that UPSC alters its question pattern frequently. Students must have a clear understanding of it. In some cases, candidates feel frustrated when they take preparation and find a sudden change in the syllabus.

Lots of students think of the IAS preparation after senior secondary academic courses. As they are going to pursue a graduation degree, they can choose subjects focusing on the UPSC IAS syllabus. They can select a UPSC Mains Optional Subject as one of the subjects for the graduation course.

Several IAS toppers have started their preparation at the age of 21 to 22. After pursuing the graduation degree, they have devoted their energy and time to IAS preparation. The most important thing to achieve success is commitment. You can try to be sincere at this age. Although you may pursue your post-graduation course, IAS preparation will be manageable. Give your full concentration on your study to reach your goal. To get inspiration from instructors, you can look for IAS online coaching academies. You will receive high-quality study materials to make your preparation easier. But, do not forget the upper age limit, as you have to crack the exam within the given time frame.

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