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Which man and van services to choose

Heather Roberts August 4, 2015

One of the easiest steps of the relocation adventure can often become one of the most difficult ones, especially when you have to stroll through the dozens of sites of the removal companies in your region and to take a pick of the best one for a short period of time. For example, the following advantages of the three main different types for man and van services can become truly useful. Take a look!

The first main opt is the regular one – hiring one van with a man. In this case, the man is usually the driver too and it can help you with the enormous difficulties and tasks during the loading/unloading activities. From heavy lifting of big furnishings to a careful arrangement and organization of the van`s cargo space in order to ensure a safe transportation for your belongings – a man with a van is definitely the best opt when moving house yet with only a dozen boxes or so. The man knows best the capacity of his van and its performance along steep roads or when driving in the busy downtown, for example. The right choice of the shortest route is another major advantage that can definitely save you more troubles and time compared to hiring only a van and you are the driver. Some removal companies even offer a variety of complimentary services like reuse and recycling, packing or storing services. That`s why a man with a van Paddington is one of the best options for a relocation. One you get a very important professional help and two – at a much lower price. Not to mention that the moving companies usually have numerous vans with a different size and volume, so the selection of the right van is another essential step that can optimize the efficiency and space.

The second highlight in this list is hiring a bigger van with two, three or more men. There is no doubt – the greater the help, the easier the relocation. Especially when it comes to moving all the items and objects from a giant three-, four- or more bedroom house. The charging for the services usually depends on how much time it will take to move to the new house, and that`s why you may want to pack, wrap and prepare all the removal boxes in advance. In this case, hiring a big van with more men is definitely more expensive than hiring only a man with a van. However, the professional advices and help of the moving agents is indispensable when you want to move a giant piano, fish aquarium, all the fitness equipment or all the heavy furniture from two or three bedrooms. The extra help is also important, especially when there are obstacles along the route like steep stairways or small doors, or almost all the objects and items require heavy lifting.

Which man and van services to choose

The third man and van service to choose from is to hire a giant removal truck with a man, two or more men. There are trucks that can fit even the largest removals. Discuss all the details about the move with the moving coordinator of the removal agency and they can choose the best opt for the move. This is actually one of the safest choices when moving all the giant furnishings and objects to the new house. The bigger space of the truck ensures a safe and effortless arrangement of the items, which is very important for a relocation to a long distance. Furthermore, the removal trucks can have portable containers, each with its own storage space for your belongings. The containers add an extra protection and they undoubtedly facilitate the transportation by reducing the time for loading/unloading.

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