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Why Aluminium Doors And Windows Are Replacing the Wooden Doors?

Stephan321 March 26, 2019

The aluminium doors and windows are gaining popularity across the world. They are quickly replacing the conventions materials like steel and wood due to the plethora of benefits they offer. From durability to weather resistance to a long life, the aluminium doors and windows have many advantages to offer.

People who are looking to build a new home can consider the installation of aluminium doors and windows. Also, people who want to renovate their homes can consider them to get a durable and long-lasting improvement. This post shares some reasons to use aluminium over other materials in homes.


Aluminium is a durable metal and does not get worn over the years due to environmental conditions. It offers excellent corrosion resistance and does not swell, split or crack like timber and other materials. Aluminium is three times stronger than materials like wood and PVC. Therefore, aluminium is the best material you can use in your home for doors and windows.


Aluminium is affordable than modern materials like PVC and conventional materials like timber. That is the reason why you see aluminium doors and windows in commercial properties. This makes aluminium a strong and cost-effective solution for new installations and renovation. It may be expensive than some materials, but it is a low maintenance material and saves on the maintenance cost.

Flexibility of Design

The best advantage of aluminium is the flexibility of design. You can get any shape or design of windows and doors for your house. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of designs and functionality for your windows.

For example, there are sliding, slide and fold, casement, tilt turn and aluminium bifold doors and windows. The aluminium bifold doors Sydney are highly prevalent in homes in Sydney. Aluminium also enables the users to combine it with other materials to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

Finish and Colours

Earlier, the aluminium was available only in the black, silver and grey colour, but now you can do power coating to get any colour. The customisation of colours and finishes offers you to match the doors and windows with the interior of your home. You can also get the finish of other materials with aluminium. For example, you can get the aluminium doors and windows in the metallic, pearl and timber finishes to match the interior of your home.


Aluminium is recyclable and not harmful to the environment and has the highest recycling rates as compared to other materials. It means that we can recycle and reuse the aluminium for a variety of applications. It does not pollute the environment and has does not harm our ecosystem in any way.


The aluminium door and windows can withstand the harsh weather conditions like rains, storms and the harsh sunlight. In places like Australia where the weather changes throughout the year, the houses have to tolerate the sun as well as rains in summers and winter seasons. Aluminium doors and windows are ideal to use in Australia and other parts of the world as they can withstand the extreme weather conditions.

Energy efficiency

The energy efficiency depends on the fitting of doors and windows in your home. If the doors and windows fit perfectly in your home, they prevent the escape of warm or cold air. It means your heaters or air conditioners don’t need to work hard to maintain the temperature in your home.

The polyamide technology has made the aluminium more energy efficient than ever. Therefore, aluminium can improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce your electricity bills significantly.

Combine with other materials

You can use aluminium in combination with other materials. For example, you can use it with wood or glass to enhance the visual appeal of your windows. Combining the aluminium with other materials helps you to match your doors or windows with the interior of your house. Many people prefer using glass with aluminium frames to enhance the interiors of their homes.


Fire safety is an essential factor for residential and commercial settings. Aluminium is fireproof and does not catch fire in case of emergencies. You can use aluminium for doors and windows in the places that are prone to fire breakouts. However, it can get hot in case of fires but does not burn or catch fire. Therefore, you can use aluminium doors and windows in spaces for storage of flammables and chemicals.

Final Words

The points given above are the advantages of using aluminium for doors and windows in your homes. You can also use other materials like glass and wood in aluminium frames to enhance the appeal of your home or matching them with different settings. Due to these advantages, the aluminium is replacing the conventional materials in residential and commercial settings.

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