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Why are Mahindra Tractor Accessories the first choice of Indian farmers?

Purohitbhavesh January 20, 2021

Mahindra Tractor understands that farming is incomplete without the support of the essential farm equipment. Since its inception in 1945, the brand focused on manufacturing the necessary farm implements to maximise the tractor’s performance. Mahindra Tractor accessories improve the overall efficiency and productivity of the farmlands. Mahindra Farm Implement is built with rough material, therefore making them long-lasting. The equipment is produced to support the tractors in performing challenging farm activities. Mahindra takes utmost care in manufacturing a variety of farm tools to go hand in hand with Indian farmers’ convenience.

What is the USP of Mahindra Tractor Accessories?

  • Mahindra Tractor Accessories effectively fits advanced technology features.
  • The farm implements are available at economical prices to support all small and marginal farmers as well.
  • These farm tools are highly feasible for heavy-duty farm activities like tillage, haulage, crop protection, landscaping, etc.
  • Also, Mahindra Farm Implement works exceptionally well with all kinds of tractors.
  • The wide variety of equipment allows the farmers’ to choose from various options.
  • These are high-class premium products with super economical prices, designed to render the best finish to the Indian farmlands.

Most popular Mahindra Tractor Accessories

Mahindra manufactures a diverse range of tractor accessories. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the most favourite picks of Indian farmers.

1.Mahindra Disc Harrow

  • This farm equipment helps the farmers in preparing the land before cultivation.
  • It is available with a varying number of the disc as per the requirement of the farmers.
  • Different disc sizes enable the equipment to suit tractors with different horsepower.
  • This implement runs on horsepower ranging from 35 Hp to 55 Hp.
  • Mahindra Disc Harrow is the best farm tool to remove weeds and mix manure in the soil for plantation.
  • Moreover, this Mahindra Farm Implement is available at a highly economical price range.

2.Mahindra Baler

  • This is an excellent farm tool used for post-harvest fieldwork.
  • These require a minimum 35 Hp to work at full force.
  • It comes with the option of a centralised lubrication system.
  • Mahindra Baler removes the crop residue before next cultivation.
  • This powerful implement saves time and energy of Indian farmers.
  • The diversity of this baler allows the farmers to use it on different kinds of crop straws.
  • Besides, this Mahindra Farm Implement is reliable, durable, and highly cost-effective.

3. Mahindra Vertical Conveyor

  • This is a type of reaper used in post-harvest farm activities.
  • It runs with tractor horsepower ranging from 30 Hp to 60 Hp.
  • This comes with three conveyors and seven crop divers.
  • It is quickly loaded and unloaded from the tractors.
  • Mahindra Vertical Conveyor improves the tractors’ performance and the farms’ productivity.
  • Moreover, it effectively minimises the load on the tractors and eliminates the additional costs.
  • This is one of the most affordable Mahindra Tractor Accessories.

4. Mahindra Boom Sprayer

  • This is an excellent farm tool for protecting crops.
  • It comes with a large clean water tank.
  • This Mahindra Farm Implement fits GPS technology.
  • Mahindra Boom Sprayer sprays the farmlands based on its advanced analysis of the field.
  • In addition, it provides area wise reports to the farmers after spraying.
  • This unique Mahindra Farm Implement is budget-friendly as well.

5. Mahindra Potato Planter

  • This is a precision planter used for planting potatoes.
  • It is available in three models with varying planting capacities.
  • The required implement power ranged from 35 Hp to 55 Hp, depending on the model.
  • It helps to plant potatoes in careful and structured patterns.
  • Mahindra Potato Planter is among the most admired agricultural machinery by Mahindra.
  • In short, this potato planter effectively enhances the quality of the potato crops.
  • It is one of the most reasonably priced Mahindra Tractor Accessories.

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