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Why Businesses Should Outsource to a Commercial Cleaning Company

Aria November 29, 2021

As a business owner, chances are you have more tasks to do than there are hours in the day. From meeting clients, winning new projects and conducting the day-to-day dealings of your business, ensuring you and your employees are working in a clean, hygienic workplace can often take the back seat. But providing your employees with safe working conditions, including a clean workspace is one of your responsibilities as their employer—particularly with COVID-19, the onus is on the employer to keep your workforce safe.

This is why most businesses across Australia outsource all their cleaning tasks to a commercial cleaning company. Your employees can’t be expected to clean toilets and sweep floors if they aren’t being paid to do so!

Read on to find out some reasons why outsourcing to a commercial cleaning company is so important for businesses:


Most cleaning companies offer flexible working schedules, which means you can arrange for a team to be sent to your workplace after all your employees have gone home for the day, or first thing in the morning before they arrive.  Not only does this ensure minimal disruption to your office tasks, but also means the cleaners can do a better job without having to worry about disturbing others. You may also be able to customise a package based on your budget and needs, such as adding a full-time cleaner during office hours or changing the cleaning frequency. You may even be able to get a team sent out to your premises on short notice with just a phone call! This is particularly important during COVID, when you need to rely on a professional cleaning company that can conduct pandemic cleans at a moment’s notice.

Better Standard of Work

A commercial cleaning company is likely to have years of experience doing what they do. No matter how good you are with a broom and a microfiber wipe, you can’t beat the level of expertise and knowledge these cleaners gain after years of cleaning a wide range of premises and assets. They know the right chemical to use on each surface they’re working with, and will constantly invest in the best cleaning products. Cleaners are also trained in the best cleaning methods, safe use of equipment and chemicals as well as infection prevention. Commercial cleaning companies are recommended for all workplaces to provide the most hygienic environment for employees and patrons but for industries working to specific health code requirements, such as the healthcare industry, pharmaceuticals or even the hospitality industry, commercial cleaning companies are a must.

Less on your plate

As a business owner, you don’t have the time to be vacuuming carpets, scrubbing windows and keeping the toilets clean. Outsourcing these tasks to a professional ensures you have time to focus on what you do best: manage your business.


When you add a janitor to your payroll, not only do you have to pay them a regular salary and benefits, you also have to pay for training, PPE, signage and the equipment they are going to use. And when the equipment breaks down or needs maintenance, all of these costs also come out of your pocket. During the course of the pandemic, cleaners were also required to use additional PPE, which would need to be replaced after every shift.

On the other hand, when you hire a commercial cleaning company, you are delegating all of these costs to them. It is the company’s responsibility to provide their employees with the latest equipment, take care of their salaries and ensure your facility is cleaned to the highest standard.

Improved Productivity

It is a well-known fact that a cleaner workspace leads to healthier, more productive employees. When employees aren’t constantly getting infected by viruses and bacteria breeding in an unhygienic workplace, they are able to focus and perform better. In 2019 alone, absenteeism cost the Australian economy almost $35 billion in lost productivity. With stats like these, it is obvious why regular cleaning of a workplace is a necessity.

Enhance Corporate Image

Anyone who steps into your office is bound to notice stains on the carpet, dusty tables or dirty walls. And for a business that regularly welcomes clients and customers to its premises, this is a bad look. An unkempt office space can make you look unprofessional and not dedicated to your cause, and can turn clients away from doing business with you.

Other services

A commercial cleaning company may also offer other services, such as property maintenance works, waste management, pest control, replenishing consumable supplies, commercial and restorative painting, as well as grounds maintenance and restoration. You can pick and choose the services you want and create a plan customised to fit your needs and budget, and still get the highest standards of services. A professional cleaning company will also regularly report on KPIs and perform audits so you know exactly the service levels you are receiving and what part of your building needs the most work.


If your company prides itself on its eco-friendly practices, finding a cleaning company that is also eco-friendly is probably a priority. Luckily, many commercial cleaning companies today are environmentally conscious. As such, they focus on using chemicals and products that do not harm the environment and use waste disposal methods that are also environmentally friendly.

More and more businesses today are choosing to outsource the cleaning of their facilities to a commercial cleaning company, partly because of the convenience, and partly because doing so ensures your facilities are always cleaned to the highest standard. By partnering with a cleaning expert, you save time, money and effort, but most importantly you have the assurance your workers are operating in a safe and hygienic environment at all times.

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